Interconnected or disconnected? Promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorder in the digital age
Psychotherapies should be assessed for both benefit and harm†
Iatrogenic harm from psychological therapies – time to move on†
The Babadook – psychiatry in the movies
Psychological interventions for adults with bipolar disorder: systematic review and meta-analysis
From Greek tragedy to a psychiatry lexicon – in 100 words
Anxiety and new onset of cardiovascular disease: critical review and meta-analysis
Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder
Differences in cancer stage, treatment and in-hospital mortality between patients with and without schizophrenia: retrospective matched-pair cohort study
The effect of experimentally induced sedentariness on mood and psychobiological responses to mental stress
The effect of flexible cognitive–behavioural therapy and medical treatment, including antidepressants on post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in traumatised refugees: pragmatic randomised controlled clinical trial
Patient experience of negative effects of psychological treatment: results of a national survey†
Night Visit – poems by doctors
Evaluation of cumulative cognitive deficits from electroconvulsive therapy
Comparison of antidepressant classes and the risk and time course of suicide attempts in adults: propensity matched, retrospective cohort study
Mechanical ventilation as an indicator of somatic severity of self-poisoning: implications for psychiatric care and long-term outcomes
Needs and fears of young people presenting at accident and emergency department following an act of self-harm: secondary analysis of qualitative data
An 18th-century view of demonomania. 2: Vampirism – introduction – psychiatry in history
Substance misuse in life and death in a 2-year cohort of suicides
Neuroimaging distinction between neurological and psychiatric disorders – was there really one?
Neuroimaging distinction between neurological and psychiatric disorders – was there really one?
Ten books
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults and Children
Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma: Children of Despair, Children of Hope
Experiences of Depression: A Study in Phenomenology
On Blackstar : deaths, dying and dominions of discovery
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