Rethinking funding priorities in mental health research†
Invited commentary on … Rethinking funding priorities in mental health research†
The FDA's failure to address the lack of generalisability of antidepressant efficacy trials in product labelling
Influence of baseline severity on antidepressant efficacy for anxiety disorders: meta-analysis and meta-regression
A Technique for Operating on the Past – poems by doctors
Transcranial direct current stimulation for acute major depressive episodes: meta-analysis of individual patient data
Association between stressful life events and psychotic experiences in adolescence: evidence for gene–environment correlations
New insights into the endophenotypic status of cognition in bipolar disorder: genetic modelling study of twins and siblings
The trial of Orestes: the original ancient Greek courtroom drama reinterpreted for the 21st century – reflection
Cognitive and neurophysiological markers of ADHD persistence and remission
Mother's Little Helper – psychiatry in music
The role of the amygdala in naturalistic mentalising in typical development and in autism spectrum disorder
Negative symptoms and longitudinal grey matter tissue loss in adolescents at risk of psychosis: preliminary findings from a 6-year follow-up study
Multimodal imaging biomarkers in premanifest and early Huntington's disease: 30-month IMAGE-HD data
White matter tract integrity in treatment-resistant gambling disorder
Relationship between white matter integrity and serum cortisol levels in drug-naive patients with major depressive disorder: diffusion tensor imaging study using tract-based spatial statistics
Antoni Kępiński (1918–1972), pioneer of post-traumatic stress disorder – psychiatry in history
Specificity proteins 1 and 4, hippocampal volume and first-episode psychosis
Duration of depressive symptoms significantly related to increase in mortality
Duration of depressive symptoms significantly related to increase in mortality
The Prophet of Psychiatry: In Search of Reginald Ellery
Psychiatric Expert Testimony: Emerging Applications
‘Curing Queers’: Mental Nurses and Their Patients, 1935–74
To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic
The brave new world of medicine, neuroscience and society
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