Highlights of this issue
Old age psychiatry and geriatric medicine
Promising evidence for nutrition interventions in people with serious mental illness†
Childhood maltreatment and characteristics of adult depression
Cortisol as a predictor of psychological therapy response in depressive disorders
Solving a weighty problem
James Foulis Duncan – psychiatry in history
Undertreatment of people with major depressive disorder in 21 countries*
Prevalence of mental disorders in elderly people
‘In the Spirit of Rivers’ – poems by doctors
Depression screening with patient-targeted feedback in cardiology
Acceptance and commitment therapy for psychosis
Democratic therapeutic community treatment for personality disorder
Article 3 – poems by doctors
Costs of the police service and mental healthcare pathways experienced by individuals with enduring mental health needs
Clinically useful screen for borderline personality disorder in psychiatric out-patients
Personality disorders and suicide in China
Personality disorders and suicide in China
Beyond Melancholy
Trials of Passion
Clinical Psychology in Britain
The Voices Within
A Concise Guide to Understanding Suicide
From the Editor's desk