Highlights of this issue
Autism and schizophrenia : one, two or many disorders?†
Simba Muzira – psychiatry in pictures
Start as you mean to carry on : the emerging evidence base for the treatment of conflict-related mental health difficulties in children and adolescents†
The virtues of virtual reality in exposure therapy†
Psychological interventions for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in young survivors of mass violence in low- and middle-income countries : meta-analysis†
Comparison of diagnostic performance of Two-Question Screen and 15 depression screening instruments for older adults : systematic review and meta-analysis
Association between mental health-related stigma and active help-seeking : systematic review and meta-analysis
Psychosis in autism : comparison of the features of both conditions in a dually affected cohort†
Virtual reality compared with in vivo exposure in the treatment of social anxiety disorder : a three-arm randomised controlled trial†
Comparing young people's experience of technology-delivered v. face-to-face mindfulness and relaxation : two-armed qualitative focus group study
Feasibility, acceptability and clinical utility of the Cultural Formulation Interview : mixed-methods results from the DSM-5 international field trial
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest : Dean Brooks – psychiatry in the movies
Routine enquiry about violence and abuse is needed for all mental health patients
International suicide rates versus adequate treatments
Clozapine in treatment-resistant schizophrenia
Clozapine in treatment-resistant schizophrenia
And They Call It a Fucking Science! – poems by doctors
The Intentional Brain : Motion, Emotion, and the Development of Modern Neuropsychiatry
Surfing Uncertainty : Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind
Neuroimaging and Neurophysiology in Psychiatry
Texbook of Evolutionary Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine : The Origins of Psychopathology, (2nd edn)
The Welfare Trait : How State Benefits Affect Personality
From the Couch to the Circle : Group-Analytic Psychotherapy in Practice
EMDR Therapy for Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses
Small Acts of Disappearance : Essays on Hunger
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