A hundred years of psychology in the BJP
Is thinking merely the action of language mechanisms?
Behaviourism, thoughts, and actions
Watson: The thinking man's behaviourist
Feeling, imaging and thinking
The thinking person's emotion theorist: A comment on Bartlett's Feeling, imaging, and thinking
Reconstructing Bartlett's affect theory
La causalité chez l'enfant (Children's understanding of causality)
Piaget on Piaget
Piaget on causality: The Whig interpretation of cognitive development
Personality structure and measurement II: The determination and utility of trait modality
On weaving personality into a tapestry of traits
Personality structure and measurement: The contributions of Raymond Cattell
Visually controlled locomotion and visual orientation in animals
‘Deep implications’ or ‘an oversimplified approach‘?–Gibson's ideas 50 years on
How do animals get about by vision? Visually controlled locomotion and orientation after 50 years