Learning words and learning sounds : Advances in language development
The infant's developmental path in phonological acquisition
More evidence of the linkage between face processing and language processing
Sound categories or phonemes?
The many facets of speech production and its complex effects on phonological processing
In search of a learning model
Inhibitory control and the speech patterns of second language users
Testing predictive control of movement in children with developmental coordination disorder using converging operations
Hearing visuo‐tactile synchrony – Sound‐induced proprioceptive drift in the invisible hand illusion
Concurrently examining unrealistic absolute and comparative optimism : Temporal shifts, individual‐difference and event‐specific correlates, and behavioural outcomes
Many faces of dogmatism : Prejudice as a way of protecting certainty against value violators among dogmatic believers and atheists
The role of magical thinking in forecasting the future
Memory for incidentally perceived social cues : Effects on person judgment
Social and attention‐to‐detail subclusters of autistic traits differentially predict looking at eyes and face identity recognition ability
Recovery's edge : An ethnography of mental health care and moral agency By Neely L. Myers Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press, 2015. $49.95, ISBN 9780826520791
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