Journey to the edges: Social structures and neural maps of inter-group processes
Gaining control over responses to implicit attitude tests: Implementation intentions engender fast responses on attitude-incongruent trials
Cognitive self-affirmation inclination: An individual difference in dealing with self-threats
On conviction's collective consequences: Integrating moral conviction with the social identity model of collective action
If it matters for the group then it matters to me: Collective action outcomes for seasoned activists
Social change as an important goal or likely outcome: How regulatory focus affects commitment to collective action
Interhemispheric interaction and egocentrism: The role of handedness in social comparative judgement
Mobilizing support for the extreme right: A discursive analysis of minority leadership
You want to give a good impression? Be honest! Moral traits dominate group impression formation
Rejection as a call to arms: Inter-racial hostility and support for political action as outcomes of race-based rejection in majority and minority groups
The fast and the dangerous: The speed of events influences risk judgements
Backbiting and bloodshed in books: Short-term effects of reading physical and relational aggression in literature
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