Perceived marginalization and aggression: A longitudinal study with low-educated adolescents
When idols look into the future: Fair treatment modulates the affective forecasting error in talent show candidates
Social power, product conspicuousness, and the demand for luxury brand counterfeit products
‘Happy to have been of service’: The Yale archive as a window into the engaged followership of participants in Milgram's ‘obedience’ experiments
Race trouble: Attending to race and racism in online interaction
Why are all the White (Asian) kids sitting together in the cafeteria? Resegregation and the role of intergroup attributions and norms
When friendship formation goes down the toilet: Design features of shared accommodation influence interpersonal bonds and well-being
Compensation in intergroup relations: An investigation of its structural and strategic foundations
Organizational respect dampens the impact of group-based relative deprivation on willingness to protest pay cuts
Identity and collective action among European Kurds
Are anthropomorphic persuasive appeals effective? The role of the recipient's motivations
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