On power and empowerment
Oh dear, what can the matter be? A commentary on Pratto's ‘On power and empowerment’
When do high and low status group members support confrontation? The role of perceived pervasiveness of prejudice
How forgiveness promotes offender pro-relational intentions: The mediating role of offender gratitude
Unfreezing cognitions during an intractable conflict: Does an external incentive for negotiating peace and (low levels of) collective angst increase information seeking?
Bad guys suffer less (social pain): Moral status influences judgements of others’ social suffering
Identity appropriateness and the structure of the theory of planned behaviour
An interactive activation and competition model of person knowledge, suggested by proactive interference by traits spontaneously inferred from behaviours
Finding death in meaninglessness: Evidence that death-thought accessibility increases in response to meaning threats
Ostracism and attachment orientation: Avoidants are less affected in both individualistic and collectivistic cultures
Emotional contagion of anger is automatic: An evolutionary explanation
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