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Editor's audit report for 1999
In the academic game, a higher degree is the qualifying standard, and every paper is a personal best
Intercollegiate Board for Sport and Exercise Medicine
Postgraduate medical education: methodology
The role of a masters degree as part of higher training in sports and exercise medicine or why do a masters?
Fellowship in Sports Medicine
The German situation
Sports and exercise medicine in Finland
Sports medicine education in Australia
Educating Australian physiotherapists: striving for excellence in sport and exercise medicine
What is a sports medicine specialist? A pilot study
Sport and exercise medicine in undergraduate medical schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Effects of exercise on lymphocytes and cytokines
The menisci: basic science and advances in treatment
A survey of the causes of sudden death in sport in the Republic of Ireland
Five facts and five concepts for rehabilitation of mechanical low back pain
Promoting physical activity in general practice: a controlled trial of written advice and information materials
Stress reactivity to and recovery from a standardised exercise bout: a study of 31 runners practising relaxation techniques
Bone mineral density and serum testosterone in chronically trained, high mileage 40–55 year old male runners
Relation of anterior pelvic tilt during running to clinical and kinematic measures of hip extension
Dietary creatine supplementation does not affect some haematological indices, or indices of muscle damage and hepatic and renal function
Factor XIIa and triacylglycerol rich lipoproteins: responses to exercise intervention
Decreasing landing forces: effect of instruction
Ratings of perceived exertion in braille: validity and reliability in production mode
Physiological and anthropometric characteristics of amateur rugby league players
Anabolic steroid accelerated multicompartment syndrome following trauma
Traumatic priapism: an unusual cycling injury
Potentially reversible causes of non-ventricular fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia (VF/VT)
Survey of sports injury prevention programmes in the European Community
Use of imaging data for predicting clinical outcome
Denial of mental illness in athletes
Facilitated stretching. : 2nd ed. Robert E McAtee, Jeff Charland. (Pp 143; soft cover; £13.95.) Leeds: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 1999. ISBN 0-7360-0066-6.
HIV/AIDS in sport. Impact, issues and challenges.
Boxing and medicine. : Ed R C Cantu. (Pp 207; £28.50.) Leeds: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 1995. ISBN 0-87322-797-2.
Symposium on football medicine
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