Physical activity for the ageing athlete: the importance of maintaining musculoskeletal health
Infographic: 7 tips for developing and maintaining a high performance sports medicine team
Epidemiology and return to play following isolated syndesmotic injuries of the ankle: a prospective cohort study of 3677 male professional footballers in the UEFA Elite Club Injury Study
Rest and return-to-sport recommendations following sport-related concussion (PEDro synthesis)
A Delphi developed syllabus for the medical specialty of sport and exercise medicine
Seven sins when interpreting statistics in sports injury science
Is live high-train low altitude training relevant for elite athletes? Flawed analysis from inaccurate data
Walking: a best buy for public and planetary health
Injury in teenage Gaelic games
Preventing fractures in the masters athlete: we can do better
Rigorous qualitative research in sports, exercise and musculoskeletal medicine journals is important and relevant
Getting the systematic review basics right helps clinical practice: 4 common pitfalls for systematic review authors to avoid
Imaging-detected acute muscle injuries in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games
Proposal to disregard athletics world records prior to 2005: a radical and misjudged initiative
Self-regulated use of a wearable activity sensor is not associated with improvements in physical activity, cardiometabolic risk or subjective health status
Bright spots, physical activity investments that work: Active Everyday, Sheffield's physical activity service for all people living with and beyond cancer
Physical activity investments that work—Get Scotland walking: a National Walking Strategy for Scotland
Dietary supplements for treating osteoarthritis : a systematic review and meta-analysis
How does academic achievement relate to cardiorespiratory fitness, self-reported physical activity and objectively reported physical activity : a systematic review in children and adolescents aged 6–18 years
Prevalence of knee pain, radiographic osteoarthritis and arthroplasty in retired professional footballers compared with men in the general population : a cross-sectional study
Time out : ethical reflections on medical disqualification of athletes in the context of mandated pre-participation cardiac screening
How can we implement exercise therapy for patellofemoral pain if we don’t know what was prescribed? A systematic review
Hamstring muscle injuries in elite football : translating research into practice
Association between MRI-defined osteoarthritis, pain, function and strength 3–10 years following knee joint injury in youth sport
Effectiveness of school-based physical activity programmes on cardiorespiratory fitness in children : a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Clinical implications from daily physiotherapy examination of 131 acute hamstring injuries and their association with running speed and rehabilitation progression
Modelling the process of falling behind and its psychophysiological consequences
Bright spots, physical activity investments that work : Workplace Challenge
Crash-test dummy and pendulum impact tests of ice hockey boards : greater displacement does not reduce impact
Epidemiology of injuries in juniors participating in top-level karate competition : a prospective cohort study
Musculoskeletal injury profiles in professional Women’s Tennis Association players
An internet-supported school physical activity intervention in low socioeconomic status communities : results from the Activity and Motivation in Physical Education (AMPED) cluster randomised controlled trial
Tackling concussion in professional rugby union : a case–control study of tackle-based risk factors and recommendations for primary prevention
Sport, sex and age increase risk of illness at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games : a prospective cohort study of 51 198 athlete days
Gymnastics injury incidence during the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games : analysis of prospectively collected surveillance data from 963 registered gymnasts during Olympic Games
Temporal trends in the cardiorespiratory fitness of children and adolescents representing 19 high-income and upper middle-income countries between 1981 and 2014
Is there a correlation between coaches’ leadership styles and injuries in elite football teams? A study of 36 elite teams in 17 countries
Efficacy of a movement control injury prevention programme in adult men’s community rugby union : a cluster randomised controlled trial
Infographic : physical activity for pregnant women
High precompetition injury rate dominates the injury profile at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games : a prospective cohort study of 51 198 athlete days
Cognitive and contextual factors to optimise clinical outcomes in tendinopathy
Pain and fatigue in sport : are they so different?
Why we should focus on the burden of injuries and illnesses, not just their incidence
Do sports medicine clinicians have credible alternatives to knee arthroscopy for the degenerative knee?
Epidemiology of imaging-detected tendon abnormalities in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics
Epidemiology of imaging-detected bone stress injuries in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics
I know what the imaging guidelines say, but…
Are prevalence measures better than incidence measures in sports injury research?
Prevalence of illness, poor mental health and sleep quality and low energy availability prior to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games
Running causes knee osteoarthritis : myth or misunderstanding
Scapular dyskinesis increases the risk of future shoulder pain by 43% in asymptomatic athletes : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zombie reviews taking over the PROSPERO systematic review registry. It’s time to fight back!
Effectiveness of foot orthoses for the prevention of lower limb overuse injuries in naval recruits : a randomised controlled trial
Physical activity calendar
Are athletes psychologically ready for sport following a concussion?
StrongLifts 5×5 Workout : mobile app user guide
Connective tissue injury in calf muscle tears and return to play : MRI correlation
Ride report : mobile app user guide
Gastrointestinal symptoms in elite athletes : time to recognise the problem?
Do physical conditioning programmes reduce work absenteeism related to back pain? (PEDro synthesis)
University of Birmingham : an innovative Masters of Exercise and Sports Medicine in partnership with the Football Association (Continuing Professional Development series)
Sports medicine highlights from other journals
Health benefits of tennis
Gait retraining : out of the lab and onto the streets with the benefit of wearables
Functional performance 6 months after ACL reconstruction can predict return to participation in the same preinjury activity level 12 and 24 months after surgery
A systematic review of prospective epidemiological research into injury and illness in Olympic combat sport
The effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy in common lower limb conditions : a systematic review including quantification of patient-rated pain reduction
Foot orthoses for plantar heel pain : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Genetic polymorphisms associated with the risk of concussion in 1056 college athletes : a multicentre prospective cohort study
Intramuscular tendon involvement on MRI has limited value for predicting time to return to play following acute hamstring injury
Comparison of amateur boxing before and after the 2013 rules change and the impact on boxers’ safety
Bright spots, physical activity investments that work : the Finnish Schools on the Move programme
Bright spots, physical activity investments that work : JUMP-in
Bright spots, physical activity investments that work—Complete Streets : redesigning the built environment to promote health
Lower-extremity symmetry influences knee abduction moments during sidestepping in rugby
Imaging for hip-related groin pain : don’t be hip-notised by the findings
Which exercise prescriptions improve quality of life and physical function in patients with cancer during and following treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
What treatment options exist for patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome but without surgical indication?
Stretching the evidence behind tennis elbow : mobile app user guide
Lower back pain app : an exercise programme for the management of low back pain
Fight, flight or finished : forced fitness behaviours in Game of Thrones
‘World Rugby Concussion’ by World Rugby Limited : a smartphone application for the general public
Do we need to reconsider best practice in goal setting for physical activity promotion?
Profiling movement and gait quality using accelerometry in children’s physical activity : consider quality, not just quantity
The interaction of hip and foot biomechanics in the presentation and management of patellofemoral pain
Effectiveness of physical therapy interventions for pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PEDro synthesis)
Exercise is effective for patellofemoral pain, but what type, who benefits most and by how much remain unknown
Optimising the efficacy of gait retraining
Patient education in patellofemoral pain : potentially potent and essential, but under-researched
Infographic : We have the programme, what next? Developing a plan of action to implement injury prevention exercise programmes in community sport
Red flag screening for low back pain : nothing to see here, move along
Exercise therapy is a beneficial intervention for chronic fatigue syndrome (PEDro synthesis)
Nike+ Training Club, an ultimate personal trainer : mobile app user guide
Seven tips for developing and maintaining a high performance sports medicine team
Non-communicable disease risk factors : a call for primary care clinicians to act and to refer. Brief intervention, not silent abdication.
Sex segregation and sport
10,000 Steps Australia : a community-wide eHealth physical activity promotion programme
β-alanine : performance effects, usage and side effects
Is abdominal hypopressive technique effective in the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction? Marketing or evidence from high-quality clinical trials?
Effectiveness of online tailored advice to prevent running-related injuries and promote preventive behaviour in Dutch trail runners : a pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Sports medicine highlights from other journals
Creating a model of best practice : the match day emergency action protocol
Sports medicine highlights from other journals
Towards a three-dimensional framework of centrally regulated and goal-directed exercise behaviour : a narrative review
Accessing off-field brains in sport; an applied research model to develop practice
Unravelling confusion in sports medicine and sports science practice : a systematic approach to using the best of research and practice-based evidence to make a quality decision
Integrated performance support : facilitating effective and collaborative performance teams
Sugar addiction : is it real? A narrative review
BJSM educational editorials : methods matter
Infographic : Recommendations for running injuries
Queen Mary University London : one of the longest established masters of sport and exercise medicine globally (continuing professional development series)
Infographic : treating runners with patellofemoral pain
Infographic : we need minimum reporting standards for biologics
Early comprehensive physiotherapy after lumbar spine surgery (PEDro synthesis)
Diagnosis of acute groin injuries in athletes
‘Altmetrics’! Can you afford to ignore it?
Infographic : Elite athletes’ anxiety over illness ups risk of injury in competition
Quadriceps strengthening with and without blood flow restriction in the treatment of patellofemoral pain : a double-blind randomised trial
A systematic review of criteria used to define recovery from sport-related concussion in youth athletes
Evidence in support of the call to ban the tackle and harmful contact in school rugby : a response to World Rugby
Head impact velocities in FIS World Cup snowboarders and freestyle skiers : Do real-life impacts exceed helmet testing standards?
The effects of shoe-worn insoles on gait biomechanics in people with knee osteoarthritis : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Why don’t serum vitamin D concentrations associate with BMD by DXA? A case of being ‘bound’ to the wrong assay? Implications for vitamin D screening
Landing-related ankle injuries do not occur in plantarflexion as once thought : a systematic video analysis of ankle injuries in world-class volleyball
Patellar and Achilles tendinopathies are predominantly peripheral pain states : a blinded case control study of somatosensory and psychological profiles
Tackling doping in sport : a call to take action on the dopogenic environment
Infographic : Ankle sprain treatment and prevention timeline
Head injuries in professional male football (soccer) over 13 years : 29% lower incidence rates after a rule change (red card)
Heads up on concussion in para sport
Epidemiology of time loss groin injuries in a men’s professional football league : a 2-year prospective study of 17 clubs and 606 players
Karen Litzy #StrongSmart #DavidButlerSavedMyLife
McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy was slightly more effective than placebo for pain, but not for disability, in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain : a randomised placebo controlled trial with short and longer term follow-up
Reconsidering current objectives for physical activity within physical education
Change in physical activity from adolescence to early adulthood : a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal cohort studies
New insights into preventing injuries and illnesses among elite athletics athletes
Should exercises be painful in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain? A systematic review and meta-analysis
The Fat but Fit paradox : what we know and don’t know about it
Accuracy of the ECG for differential diagnosis between hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and athlete’s heart : comparison between the European Society of Cardiology (2010) and International (2017) criteria
Emergency response facilities including primary and secondary prevention strategies across 79 professional football clubs in England
Room for improvement : a randomised controlled trial with nested qualitative interviews on space, place and treatment delivery
A theoretical model for exercise progressions as part of a complex rehabilitation programme design
Is subsequent lower limb injury associated with previous injury? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs/PROMs) in people with Achilles tendinopathy : how useful is the VISA-A?
Scapular dyskinesis increases the risk of future shoulder pain by 43% in asymptomatic athletes : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Performing high-level sport is strongly associated with urinary incontinence in elite athletes : a comparative study of 372 elite female athletes and 372 controls
A systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of protein supplementation on resistance training-induced gains in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults
Physical activity during adolescence and the development of cam morphology : a cross-sectional cohort study of 210 individuals
Monitoring player fatigue status in the English Premier League
Risk factors for overuse shoulder injuries in a mixed-sex cohort of 329 elite handball players : previous findings could not be confirmed
Red flags or red herrings? Redefining the role of red flags in low back pain to reduce overimaging
New meniscal tears after ACL injury : what is the risk? A systematic review protocol
Blood flow restriction training : a novel approach to augment clinical rehabilitation
Infographic : Sports Biostatisticians as a critical member of all sports science and medical teams for injury prevention
A comprehensive strength testing protocol offers no clinical value in predicting risk of hamstring injury : a prospective cohort study of 413 professional football players
Diabetes em Movimento : a Portuguese web-based platform to support exercise prescription by medical doctors
The ‘Goldilocks Principle’ : designing physical activity at work to be ‘just right’ for promoting health
Infographics : Injury prevention exercise programmes
Emergency + : mobile app user guide
Infographics : Winning road cycle races
Training load and structure-specific load : applications for sport injury causality and data analyses
Prevention forecast : cloudy with a chance of injury
Synthesising ‘best evidence’ in systematic reviews when randomised controlled trials are absent : three tips for authors to add value for clinician readers
A video analysis of head injuries satisfying the criteria for a head injury assessment in professional Rugby Union : a prospective cohort study
Risk factors for head injury events in professional rugby union : a video analysis of 464 head injury events to inform proposed injury prevention strategies
Health promotion through sport : international sport federations’ priorities, actions and opportunities
Infographic. Golf spectating and health
The physical activity paradox : six reasons why occupational physical activity (OPA) does not confer the cardiovascular health benefits that leisure time physical activity does
Multicentre, randomised clinical trial of paediatric concussion assessment of rest and exertion (PedCARE) : a study to determine when to resume physical activities following concussion in children
Invited commentary : methodological issues in the design and analysis of randomised trials
Stem cell injections in knee osteoarthritis : a systematic review of the literature
‘VisionZero’ : Is it achievable for rugby-related catastrophic injuries in South Africa?
Building evidence with flawed data? The importance of analysing valid data
Reducing musculoskeletal injury and concussion risk in schoolboy rugby players with a pre-activity movement control exercise programme : a cluster randomised controlled trial
Simi Move : entry level mobile app to analyse walking and running gait
What is the difference in concussion management in children as compared with adults? A systematic review
Medial tibial stress syndrome can be diagnosed reliably using history and physical examination
Fractures associated with ACL injury need to be taken seriously
Exercise prescription for overhead athletes with shoulder pathology : a systematic review with best evidence synthesis
Application of the subsequent injury categorisation model for longitudinal injury surveillance in elite rugby and cricket : intersport comparisons and inter-rater reliability of coding
Evidence-based exercise prescription is facilitated by the Consensus on Exercise Reporting Template (CERT)
Infographic : Six tips to prevent tennis injury
Unlocking the potential of physical activity for back health
Exercise and other non-pharmaceutical interventions for cancer-related fatigue in patients during or after cancer treatment : a systematic review incorporating an indirect-comparisons meta-analysis
Physical activity prescription and engaging the entire 'community of practice'
Electrical and structural adaptations of the paediatric athlete’s heart : a systematic review with meta-analysis
A unique opportunity to use football to improve birth registration awareness and completeness in Nigeria
Head accelerations across collegiate, high school and youth female and male soccer players
Injury rates in recreational tennis players do not differ between different playing surfaces
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Infographic : oral health in elite athletes
How can we prove that a preventive measure in elite sport is effective when the prevalence of the injury (eg, ACL tear in alpine ski racing) is low? A case for surrogate outcomes
Approach to investigation and treatment of persistent symptoms following sport-related concussion : a systematic review
Comparison of four Fitbit and Jawbone activity monitors with a research-grade ActiGraph accelerometer for estimating physical activity and energy expenditure
Musculoskeletal dysfunctions associated with swimmers’ shoulder
Displaced middle-third clavicle fracture management in sport : still a challenge in 2018. Should you call the surgeon to speed return to play?
Eighty-three per cent of elite athletes return to preinjury sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction : a systematic review with meta-analysis of return to sport rates, graft rupture rates and performance outcomes
Physiopedia : one big constantly updating online textbook written and edited by physiotherapists for physiotherapists (continuing professional development series)
Physical activity to counteract the impact of alcohol intake on overall mortality risks
Development of a risk prediction model among professional hockey players with visible signs of concussion
Can visible signs predict concussion diagnosis in the National Hockey League?
Runmatic for running mechanics assessment (mobile app user guide)
Review of criterion-referenced standards for cardiorespiratory fitness : what percentage of 1 142 026 international children and youth are apparently healthy?
Aerobic exercise promotes executive functions and impacts functional neural activity among older adults with vascular cognitive impairment
A higher sport-related reinjury risk does not mean inadequate rehabilitation : the methodological challenge of choosing the correct comparison group
Physical examination of the elbow, what is the evidence? A systematic literature review
Appraising the exercise oncology literature : a reminder of the rigour needed in systematic reviews
What is the physiological time to recovery after concussion? Systematic review
Role of advanced neuroimaging, fluid biomarkers and genetic testing in the assessment of sport-related concussion : a systematic review
Rest and treatment/rehabilitation following sport-related concussion : a systematic review
A systematic review of potential long-term effects of sport-related concussion
Do Functional Movement Screen (FMS) composite scores predict subsequent injury? A systematic review with meta-analysis
Longer-term quality of life following ACL injury and reconstruction
International criteria for electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes
Persistent pain in the Achilles mid-portion? Consider the plantaris tendon as a possible culprit!
Newspaper response to the back pain myth busting advice
Interventions to increase adherence to therapeutic exercise in older adults with low back pain and/or hip/knee osteoarthritis
Effect of specific exercise-based football injury prevention programmes on the overall injury rate in football
Infographic : The training–injury prevention paradox
Gut microbiota
Effectiveness of early compared with conservative rehabilitation for patients having rotator cuff repair surgery : an overview of systematic reviews
Mechanisms of ACL injury in professional rugby union : a systematic video analysis of 36 cases
Calculating acute
Exercise-induced biochemical changes and their potential influence on cancer
Comparison of four alternative national universal anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention programme implementation strategies to reduce secondary future medical costs
Resistance training interventions across the cancer control continuum
Concurrent aerobic plus resistance exercise versus aerobic exercise alone to improve health outcomes in paediatric obesity : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Systematic review is the highest level of evidence for knee osteoarthritis injection options, not expert society guidelines
Can we predict the outcome for people with patellofemoral pain? A systematic review on prognostic factors and treatment effect modifiers
Is body mass index associated with patellofemoral pain and patellofemoral osteoarthritis? A systematic review and meta-regression and analysis
β-alanine efficacy for sports performance improvement
Copenhagen five-second squeeze
Predicting sport and occupational lower extremity injury risk through movement quality screening
Psychological readiness to return to sport
Anatomical and morphological characteristics may explain why groin pain is more common in male than female athletes
Author response
Running exposure is associated with the risk of hamstring strain injury in elite Australian footballers
Associations of occupational standing with musculoskeletal symptoms : a systematic review with meta-analysis
Coach-directed education is associated with injury-prevention behaviour in players : an ecological cross-sectional study
Determination and regulation of body composition in elite athletes
Concerns with novel concussion protocol
Personalising exercise recommendations for brain health
Association of psychological variables and outcome in tendinopathy
Evidence is needed to determine if there is a better way to determine the acute
Pain, activities of daily living and sport function at different time points after hip arthroscopy in patients with femoroacetabular impingement
Exercise prescription is not just for medical doctors : the benefits of shared care by physicians and exercise professionals
What is running economy? A clinician's guide to key concepts, applications and myths
Rugby union needs a contact skill-training programme
Associations of specific types of sports and exercise with all-cause and cardiovascular-disease mortality
Interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour in 0–5-year-olds : a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Managing acute hamstring injuries in athletes
Foot orthoses research : identifying limitations to improve translation to clinical knowledge and practice
PEDro systematic review update
Mobile app user guide : Hipbone to sync personal health data
Response to
Hamstring injuries in elite Gaelic football : an 8-year investigation to identify injury rates, time-loss patterns and players at increased risk
Exercise medicine education should be expanded
DrGoniometer : a reliable smartphone app for joint angle measurement
Movement for movement
β-alanine supplementation to improve exercise capacity and performance
Dietary fat guidelines have no evidence base
Tomorrow's doctors want more teaching and training on physical activity for health
Exercise-based programmes reduce sports injury in adolescents (PEDro synthesis)
National Football League concussion lawsuit
Thirty years of investigation on the ergogenic effects of sodium citrate : is it time for a fresh start?
Dupuytren disease is highly prevalent in male field hockey players aged over 60 years
Infographic : How to maximise your golf performance
Infographic. Physical activity for early years
International variability in 20 m shuttle run performance in children and youth : who are the fittest from a 50-country comparison? A systematic literature review with pooling of aggregate results
Yes, rolling averages are a good way to assess training load for injury prevention. Is there a better way? Probably, but we have not seen the evidence
Return to play
Call for coordinated and systematic training load measurement (and progression) in athlete development
Serving the clinician and the patient
Implementing change
International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Physical Therapies
Reporting accelerometer methods in physical activity intervention studies : a systematic review and recommendations for authors
Ten-year change in sedentary behaviour, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiometabolic risk : independent associations and mediation analysis
Should exercise therapy for chronic musculoskeletal conditions focus on the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise?
Making physical activity evidence accessible
Myokine : a novel target for exercise to improve cognitive function?
Impact of the national prevention policy and scrum law changes on the incidence of rugby-related catastrophic cervical spine injuries in French Rugby Union
Effect of exercise training on C reactive protein
Psychological factors are associated with the outcome of physiotherapy for people with shoulder pain : a multicentre longitudinal cohort study
Irene Davis
Does physical activity moderate the association between alcohol drinking and all-cause, cancer and cardiovascular diseases mortality? A pooled analysis of eight British population cohorts
Injuries sustained in National Collegiate Athletic Association men's and women's basketball, 2009/2010–2014/2015
Effect of exercise training on liver function in adults who are overweight or exhibit fatty liver disease : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Positive effects on bone mineralisation and muscular fitness after 10 months of intense school-based physical training for children aged 8–10 years : the FIT FIRST randomised controlled trial
Are rolling averages a good way to assess training load for injury prevention?
Research to Publication
State of primary care sports and exercise medicine in Brazil
Team Rwanda
What is the association between sedentary behaviour and cognitive function? A systematic review
Chad Cook
Julia Alleyne
Training load--injury paradox
Population attributable fraction : names, types and issues with incorrect interpretation of relative risks
Check’n Burn : removing caloric surplus through physical activity
Great Britain Rowing Team Guideline for Diagnosis and Management of Rib Stress Injury : Part 2 – The Guideline Itself
Step training improves reaction time, gait and balance and reduces falls in older people
RISUS study
Time to wake up : individualising the approach to sleep promotion interventions
Does physical activity increase or decrease the risk of sickle cell disease complications?
Death by homicide in National Collegiate Athletic Association athletes between 2003 and 2013
Mental health implications and consequences following sport-related concussion
Qualitative review of hazing in collegiate and school sports : consequences from a lack of culture, knowledge and responsiveness
Different forms of exercise for chronic low back pain (PEDro synthesis)
Great Britain Rowing Team guideline for diagnosis and management of rib stress injury : part 1
“No way Jose!” Clinicians must have authority over patient care : the manager's scope of practice does not cover medical decisions
Sudden cardiac arrest on the football field of play—highlights for sports medicine from the European Resuscitation Council 2015 Consensus Guidelines
The incidence of concussion in youth sports : a systematic review and meta-analysis
The stigma of mental health in athletes : are mental toughness and mental health seen as contradictory in elite sport?
Rewire your life : sustaining behavioural change by habit tracking
Depression is under-recognised in the sport setting : time for primary care sports medicine to be proactive and screen widely for depression symptoms
Understanding depression and suicide in college athletes : emerging concepts and future directions
Sudden cardiac death associated with physical exertion in the US military, 2005–2010
The impact of diagnosis : measuring the psychological response to being diagnosed with serious or potentially lethal cardiac disease in young competitive athletes
Accelerated return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament injury : a risk factor for early knee osteoarthritis?
Early versus delayed intravitreal betamethasone as an adjuvant in the treatment of presumed postoperative endophthalmitis : a randomised trial
Dentofacial trauma and players’ attitude towards mouthguard use in field hockey : a systematic review and meta-analysis
What causes cam deformity and femoroacetabular impingement : still too many questions to provide clear answers
Cognitive and physical symptoms of concussive injury in children : a detailed longitudinal recovery study
Labelling people as ‘High Risk’ : A tyranny of eminence?
Looking back over 20 years of sports medicine prevention and treatment : progress, but still a lot to achieve
Is cardiovascular screening in athletes justified? Inconsistent messages from the American Heart Association
The prevalence and significance of a short QT interval in 18 825 low-risk individuals including athletes
The psychological factor ‘self-blame’ predicts overuse injury among top-level Swedish track and field athletes : a 12-month cohort study
Monitoring the athlete training response : subjective self-reported measures trump commonly used objective measures
Unknown unknowns and lessons from non-operative rehabilitation and return to play of a complete anterior cruciate ligament injury in English Premier League football
Effects of regular physical exercise training in adults with chronic kidney disease
Early functional rehabilitation or cast immobilisation for the postoperative management of acute Achilles tendon rupture? A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Grieve's Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Fourth edition)
Subepicardial delayed gadolinium enhancement in asymptomatic athletes : let sleeping dogs lie?
Running shoes and running injuries : mythbusting and a proposal for two new paradigms
Time to return to full training is delayed and recurrence rate is higher in intratendinous (‘c’) acute hamstring injury in elite track and field athletes : clinical application of the British Athletics Muscle Injury Classification
Statement of the 3rd International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, Carlsbad, California, 2015
It will take more than an existing exercise programme to prevent injury
Athletic groin pain : a systematic review and meta-analysis of surgical versus physical therapy rehabilitation outcomes
Isokinetic muscle strength and readiness to return to sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction : is there an association? A systematic review and a protocol recommendation
The effect of strengthening interventions on strength and physical performance in people with cerebral palsy : PEDro systematic review update
After revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, who returns to sport? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Coach's eye
Should patients reach certain knee function benchmarks before anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? Does intense ‘prehabilitation’ before anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction influence outcome and return to sports?
Return to sports after anterior cruciate ligament injury : neither surgery nor rehabilitation alone guarantees success—it is much more complicated
Return to play and physical performance tests : evidence-based, rough guess or charade?
Strategic Assessment of Risk and Risk Tolerance (StARRT) framework for return-to-play decision-making
Evidence-based hamstring injury prevention is not adopted by the majority of Champions League or Norwegian Premier League football teams : the Nordic Hamstring survey
Recreational football is effective in the treatment of non-communicable diseases
Coach development programmes to improve interpersonal coach behaviours : a systematic review using the re-aim framework
Muscle metabolism changes with age and maturation : How do they relate to youth sport performance?
Management of rib pain in rowers : emerging issues
Three distinct mechanisms predominate in non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in male professional football players : a systematic video analysis of 39 cases
Detecting and developing youth athlete potential : different strokes for different folks are warranted
What's the big deal about T-wave inversion in athletes? A guide to clinical interpretation
A novel antidoping and medical care delivery model at the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games (2014), Nanjing China
Epidemiological and clinical outcome comparison of indirect (‘strain’) versus direct (‘contusion’) anterior and posterior thigh muscle injuries in male elite football players : UEFA Elite League study of 2287 thigh injuries (2001–2013)
Educational interventions are effective in treating childhood obesity
The importance of listening : engaging and incorporating the athlete's voice in theory and practice
Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography, MRI and MR arthrography in the characterisation of rotator cuff disorders : a meta-analysis
Exercise interventions for weight management during pregnancy and up to 1 year postpartum among normal weight, overweight and obese women: a systematic review and meta-analysis
All-cause and disease-specific mortality among male, former elite athletes : an average 50-year follow-up
Therapeutic exercise for chronic non-specific neck pain
Yoga for low back pain
Computer-tailored interventions to facilitate health behavioural change
Challenges with cost-utility analyses of behavioural interventions among older adults at risk for dementia
The financial cost of hamstring strain injuries in the Australian Football League
How BJSM embraces the power of social media to disseminate research
What do community football players think about different exercise-training programmes? Implications for the delivery of lower limb injury prevention programmes
Spikes in acute workload are associated with increased injury risk in elite cricket fast bowlers
The predictive validity of a single leg bridge test for hamstring injuries in Australian Rules Football Players
The game has changed…but it still needs to be played : the role of imaging tests using ionising radiation in the practice of sports medicine
A prospective study of downhill mountain biking injuries
Amateur boxing in the last 59 years. Impact of rules changes on the type of verdicts recorded and implications on boxers’ health
The reach and adoption of a coach-led exercise training programme in community football
Screening athletes for cardiovascular disease in Africa : a challenging experience
Novel stretch-sensor technology allows quantification of adherence and quality of home-exercises : a validation study
ACL injury incidence in female handball 10 years after the Norwegian ACL prevention study : important lessons learned
Evaluation of how different implementation strategies of an injury prevention programme (FIFA 11+) impact team adherence and injury risk in Canadian female youth football players : a cluster-randomised trial
BJSM social media contributes to health policy rethink : a physical activity success story in Hertfordshire
Functional outcomes following a non-operative treatment algorithm for anterior cruciate ligament injuries in skeletally immature children 12 years and younger. A prospective cohort with 2 years follow-up
Seeing you through London 2012 : eye care at the Olympics
Innovations in Olympic and Paralympic pharmacy services
Ultrasound may promote fracture healing but this does not necessarily accelerate return of function
A knowledge transfer scheme to bridge the gap between science and practice : an integration of existing research frameworks into a tool for practice
The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games : an analysis of usage of the Olympic Village ‘Polyclinic’ by competing athletes
Teaming up to beat tendon pain : clinical and research excellence own the podium at ISTS (International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium)
London 2012 Paralympic Games : bringing sight to the blind?
High ambulatory blood pressure in male professional football players
Healthcare challenges at an Olympic Games
Factors associated with illness in athletes participating in the London 2012 Paralympic Games : a prospective cohort study involving 49 910 athlete-days
The epidemiology of injuries at the London 2012 Paralympic Games
Sports injuries and illnesses during the London Summer Olympic Games 2012
Ionising radiation : three game-changing studies for imaging in sports medicine
Rehabilitation of scapular dyskinesis : from the office worker to the elite overhead athlete
Risk factors and successful interventions for cricket-related low back pain : a systematic review