The future of surgical journals in the electronic publishing era
Medicolegal action following treatment for varicose veins
Surgical management of locally recurrent rectal cancer
Role of cytokines and growth factors in promoting the local recurrence of breast cancer
Molecular genetic basis of colorectal cancer susceptibility
Long-term outcome after surgery for asymptomatic small hepatocellular carcinoma
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Adjuvant oral chemotherapy to prevent recurrence after curative resection for hepatocellular carcinoma
Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration
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Serum concentrations of inflammatory mediators related to organ failure in patients with acute pancreatitis
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Randomized study of antibiotic prophylaxis for general and gynaecological surgery from a single centre in rural Africa
Effect of transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation on postoperative muscle mass and protein synthesis
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Perineal excision of the rectum
Salvage surgery for ileal pouch outlet obstruction
Results from pouch salvage
Local recurrence following total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer
Randomized controlled trial of lateral internal sphincterotomy with haemorrhoidectomy
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Anatomical basis of autonomic nerve-preserving total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer
Laser Doppler blood flow measurement in rectal resection for carcinoma--comparison between the straight and colonic J pouch reconstruction
Removal of circulating cytokines by continuous haemofiltration in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome or multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
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Correlation between Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) III score and immunological parameters in critically ill patients with sepsis
Case report
Antioxidant depletion during aortic aneurysm repair
Diagnosis of arterial disease of the lower extremities with duplex ultrasonography
Experimental autotransplantation of the parathyroid gland
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Intestinal glycosaminoglycans in neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis
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Postoperative thromboembolism after day-case herniorrhaphy
Combined liver transplantation and pancreatoduodenectomy for irresectable hilar bile duct carcinoma
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Randomized controlled multicentre study of the prevention of complications by octreotide in patients undergoing surgery for chronic pancreatitis
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Impact of fine-needle aspiration cytology, ultrasonography and mammography on open biopsy rate in patients with benign breast disease
Quality of life assessment in patients undergoing treatment for oesophageal carcinoma
Primary soft tissue sarcoma of the extremities in adults
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Lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy for treatment of anal fissure in children
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Ambulatory oesophageal bile reflux monitoring in Barrett's oesophagus
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Bladder injury during laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection
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Experimental study to show that growth hormone treatment before trauma increases glutamine uptake in the intestinal tract
Early parietal recurrence of adenocarcinoma of the colon after laparoscopic colectomy Port site metastasis after laparoscopic colorectal surgery for cure of malignancy
Pain relief after inguinal hernia repair
Total mesorectal excision is optimal surgery for rectal cancer
Prospective evaluation of ultrasonography and liver function tests for preoperative assessment of the bile duct
Percutaneous cholecystostomy
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