Sentinel lymph node procedure in respectable colon cancer-results from the prospective Swiss multicentre study
Axillary lymph node dissection for sentinel lymph node micro-metastases can be safely omitted in early breast cancer patients
Risk factors for postoperative mortality/morbidity after emergency colorectal surgery
A randomized controlled trial on pharmacological preconditioning in liver surgery using a volatile anaesthetic
Results of an inverse strategy for patients with adenocarcinoma of the rectum and synchronous liver metastases
Native ureteropyelostomy for ureteral complications after kidney transplantation
Influence of thoracic epidural analgesia on postoperative pain relief and ileus after laparoscopic colorectal resection
Single midline working port for TEP inguinal and crural hernia repair P. Bucher1
Outcome of kidney grafts with multiple arteries and arterial reconstruction
Laparoscopic sleeve-gastrectomy (LSG) in the treatment of morbid obesity
Validation of the E-PASS scoring system for the prediction of mortality and morbidity in patients necessitating hepatic surgery
Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) for Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Results of in-situ adult-child split liver transplantation in a Swiss program
Quality assessment in surgery
Quality of surveillance after curative surgery for colon cancer
Is a subclinical peri-operative adrenal insufficiency associated with an increased rate of postoperative complications in patients undergoing visceral surgery?
Is a sustaining rod necessary for diverting loop ileostomy?
Early robotic learning curve in comparison to conventional laparoscopy
Fast track surgery does not reduce morbidity in patients at nutritional risk
Pre-emptive conversion does not increase morbidity of laparoscopic colorectal resection
Abdominal drains in liver transplantation
Cosmetic issues of NOTES
Dynamics of local and systemic recurrent disease after curative resection for colon cancer
Accuracy of frozen section analysis versus specimen radiography in breast conserving surgery for non palpable lesions
Vagal block for obesity control (VBLOC™)-preliminary results of an ongoing, open-label, phase I clinical study from a single centre
Long-term outcome after pathologically complete response (pCR) in multimodality treatment of rectal cancer patients
Impact of complications on costs in major surgery - a prospective cost analysis of 226 patients undergoing complex HPB-surgery
Intraoperative ureteric stenting in kidney transplantation-results of a new technique
Surgical management of acute small bowel obstruction from intestinal adhesions-what is the role of laparoscopic surgery?
Results of living donor liver transplantation in a Swiss program
The timing of surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis
Evolution of non-operatively treated supraspinatus tears
Equal effectiveness of 1.5 versus 3 minutes of surgical hand antisepsis with an alcoholic hand rub
Functional results following volar LC T-plate osteosynthesis for unstable distal radius fractures in 293 patients
Internet habits of surgical patients-what information do they look at prior to their elective admission ?
Haemorrhage control in traumatic pelvic ring disruptions-a retrospective analysis of treatment parameters predictive of outcome
Evolution in Operative and Non-operative Management of Hepatic Trauma
Intramedullary stabilization of proximal femur fractures with the new PFN A
The “long PHILOS®”-a good implant for rare indications
Long-term results of laparoscopic total extraperitoneal hernia repair (TEP)
The Severity of Injury and the Extent of Hemorrhagic Shock Correlate with the Incidence of Infectious Complications in Trauma Patients
How can we on screen identify injured skiers and snowboarders who need tertiary trauma care?
A crossover intervention trial to evaluate the impact of rapid on-admission screening in preventing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection after surgery
Refusal of a potentially life-saving blood transfusion by a Jehovah's Witness - is there a medical law risk for litigation and malpractice liability?
Can RapidTEG® revolutionize the search for coagulopathies in the multiply injured patient?
Internet presence of hospitals with surgical departments -what information is offered to the patients ?
Incidence and analysis of In-hospital falls in a large training hospital
Don't be to fast in ruling out intra-abdominal solid organ injuries
Intolerable morbidity and patient discomfort during chest tube insertion in geriatric patients
Use of fibrin glue (Tissucol®) in laparoscopic repair of abdominal wall defects
Worse outcome in female patients after arthroscopic Bankart repair - Gender related differences after arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation
Erythropoietin improves survival of critically perfused musculocutaneous tissue by upregulation of nitric oxide synthase and vascular endothelial growth factor
Influence of maturation stage of engineered cartilage on the outcome of osteochondral repair in a goat model
Increased frequency of regulatory T cells in tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in colorectal cancer patients predicts improved survival
Monitoring of cellular immune responses in whole blood
Transplantation of immortalized human hepatocytes improves survival without increase of native liver regeneration in Acute Liver Failure
Cholestatic liver injury in mice-a pressure induced phenomenon - lessons learned from a new model of mild cholestasis -
Development of a cell encapsulation approach for human anti-tumour immunotherapy
Clinical grade influenza virosomes are highly efficient vectors for melanoma immunotherapy
Human hepatocellular cancer-cells survive with serotonin C. Soll1
Deletion of cd39 on natural killer cells attenuates warm partial hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury
Targeting SIRT1 for anti-tumour therapy
Blood vessel invasion and distant lung metastasis are promoted by MT1-MMP expression in triple negative breast cancers.
Isolated lung perfusion versus intravenous drug administration
Uremia-induced changes in morphology and stability of rat femurs A. E. Pasch1
Emergency EVAR or open repair or RCTs for RAAA? - a thorough analysis after 10 years of eEVAR at Zurich University Hospital
Revascularisation of the external carotid artery in patients presenting ophthalmic ischemia
Limb salvage
RapidaxTN is a new self-sealing PTFE hemodialysis access graft
Local Versus General Anaesthesia For Carotid Endarterectomy - Improving The Gold Standard ?
Thoraco-abdominal-aneurysm surgery
Prevention of rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm
A new rodent model for controlled in-vivo reperfusion after severe acute hind limb ischemia
Indication and complications of VATS and open lung biopsy in immunocompromised patients with pulmonary infiltrates
Closure of large oesophageal dehiscence after surgery or oesophageal perforations associated with mediastinal sepsis by use of pedicled muscle flaps
Delayed Pulmonary Graft Function
A new mouse model of acute aortic dissection type A in marfan syndrome
Trans-apical aortic valve implantation training for future cardiac surgeons.
Aortic cross clamping in surgery of acute type A aortic dissection
Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) in the rat with a new miniaturized hollow fibre oxygenator
Drug Eluting Degradable Synthetic Vascular Prosthesis