Bacterial lipoprotein tolerance attenuates a novel damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP) MRP8/14-mediated inflammation
Probiotics induce activation of intestinal plasmacytoid dendritic cells in a MyD88- and IL-10-dependent manner
Inhibition of platelet GPIIb-llla and P-selectin expressions by aspirin is impaired by stress hyperglycemia
Effects of FGF-2 genetically modified myoblasts on the peripheral muscle after open crush injury
Ghrelin preconditioning for protection of musculocutaneous tissue from ischemia
A polydioxanone (PDO) bioabsorbable valved patch seeded with autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs): A promising tissue-engineered product in congenital heart surgery
REPLACE Procedure: a novel method of resection of complete rectal prolapse
Neutrophil - lymphocyte ratio: an independent predictor of survival in colorectal cancer
Is the cancer epigenome altered by neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy treatment of rectal cancer?
The effect of exercise training after gastric bypass surgery. A pilot study
Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on normal colon anastomosis in the rat model
Changes in the biliar composition and the liver histomorphology after partial intestinal resections
Comparison of single-layer running with two-layer interrupted anastomosis in the gastrointestinal surgery a prospective, randomized, multicenter clinical trial
Surgery-affected pharmacokinetics of gemcitabine (2′, 2′-difluorodeoxycytidine) after 70% hepatectomy in rats
Histone deacetylase (HDAC) encoding gene expression in pancreatic cancer cell lines and cell sensitivity to HDAC inhibitors
MRC'P in suspected CBD stones: are we aware of the cost implication?
Analysis of the sonocoagulation in liver and new horizons in the surgical management of liver malignancies
Low-grade aortic inflammation in long-term prehepatic portal hypertensive rats
Establishment of a post-hepatectomy porcine model of acute liver failure that closely simulates the true clinical syndrome resulting after extensive hepatic resection: a progress in liver failure
Elective umbilical hernia repair in patients with liver cirrhosis and ascites: a safe strategy
Automatic 3-dimensional reconstruction of the portal vein distribution
Functional significance of the morphological particularities of the human hinge joints (or ginglymi): interests of a comparative approach within mammals
Anatomy of the mediastinum: a cadaver dissection video
Laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repair: anatomy of the extraperitoneal space
Diameter and blood pressure estimation in arteries using an echographic instrumented probe
Biomechanics analysis of the weakened mandible
Charles Emmanuel Sédillot (1804-1883), member of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of France: a pioneer in surgical research
Patient INR self testing program improves the quality of oral anticoagulant therapy after mechanical heart valve replacement
The role of stem cell factor and anti-stem cell factor in chemotherapy
Toward the intraoperative molecular diagnosis of occult sentinel lymph node metastasis in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Higher recurrence rate at sublay than onlay mesh reconstruction in abdominal hernias: five-years results of a randomised, multicentric clinical trial
Anti- and proinflammatory effects of sodium selenite on a molecular level in the therapy of sepsis
Outcome of cardiac transplantation after long term circulatory support. A bicentric study
A new miniaturized hollow fiber oxygenator for a rat model of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB)
Increased cerebral blood flow velocity after coronary artery surgery is associated with inflammatory response and reduced by heparin-coated cardiopulmonary bypass
Mini-extracorporeal circulation with low dose of heparine in cardiac surgery: a safety option?
Combined coronary artery bypass grafting and total thyroidectomy
Predictive factors of multiorgan failure during long term circulatory support in bridge to heart transplantation
Effects of roller and centrifugal pumps on splanchnic perfusion during hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass
Malignant potential in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma depends on glucose metabolism but not angiogenesis
Low molecular weight heparin inhibits tumor associated angiogenesis in vivo
Specific gene expression profiles in normal esophageal mucosa as an early indicator for the development of squamous cell cancer of the esophagus
Anti-proCOL11A1, a new marker of infiltrating breast cancer
Changes in hepatic perfusion detected with CT perfusion during the growth and development of experimental micrometastases in a rat model
A definitive role for sentinel lymph node mapping with biopsy for cutaneous melanoma of the head and neck
Interfere IGF-I pathways to augment sensitivity of colon cancer cells to current chemotherapeutic agents
Liver transplantation of human progenitors cells in NOD/SCID mice: a new therapy for liver failure
Role of oxygen during hypothermic machine perfusion preservation
Fasting protects against hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury and has no negative effect on liver regeneration
The use of hemoglobin based oxygen carriers for machine preservation at subnormothermic temperatures - a new alternative for improving the preservation of marginal donor livers?
Effect of human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells pretreated with hyaluronic and butirric esters on renal ischemic damage in rats
Improved microcirculation after liver transplantation with polysol, a novel preservation solution
Surgical versus radiological routes for intra portal islet transplantation
Use of green fluorescent protein (GFP) to monitor translocation and characterizing the immunoregulation of probiotic lactobacilli in the intestinal tract of mice
The synthetic human chorionic gonadotropin related oligopeptide LQGV reduces CLP induced mortality and inflammation
CXCR2 regulates pulmonary infiltration of neutrophils via Mac-1 expression in abdominal sepsis
Splanchnic Th2 and Th1 cytokine redistribution in microsurgical cholestatic rats
Inflammation and epigenetic regulation, a novel approach
The efficiency of dimethylthiourea (DMTU) therapy in acute pulmonary damage formed experimentally with smoke-inhalation in rabbits
Prevention of experimental rheumatoid arthritis with oral phosphatidylcholine supplementation
Temporary vascular occlusion during surgery of small vessels in human using the gel LeGooTM: preliminary results
Biodegradable small calibre polydioxanone-based vascular prostheses: potential as coronary bypass grafts
The arterial patch improves the reendothelialization in an animal model of open carotid endarterectomy. An incentive to use internal thoracic artery as an on-lay patch following coronary endarterecomy
Can rupture of the aorta be predicted? A biomechanical model for the normal and degenerative aorta
Dynamic blood flow analysis in the thoracic ascending aorta from cine-MRI in patients with bicuspid valves
Is aortic valve sparing a better surgical option than mechanical valve replacement? From randomization to daily clinical practice
An expansible aortic ring: towards a physiological approach for valve sparing
Molecular imaging of tumor associated angiogenesis using P1227, a novel MRI contrast agent targeting avb3 integrin
Circulating miRNAs as minimally invasive biomarkers for breast cancer
ProCOL11A1 is an efficient marker of pancreatic cancer
Molecular mechanisms underlying post-operative peritoneal dissemination might differ between a laparotomy and C02 pneumoperitoneum
Arterial ligature to reduce the progression of liver metastasis in a rat model
In vivo priming of migrating splenic dendritic cells with cc531 colon cancer antigen and Ips - is it a method to compromise liver metastases?
Comparison of locoregional recurrences, metastasis and survival rate between two approaches in stage I and II breast cancers
Effects of negative pressure on human dermal fibroblasts - an insight into the cellular response to vacuum assisted closure dressings
Erythropoietin for prevention of burn wound progression
Risk factors for complications following reduction mammoplasty
Bioactive polypropylene mesh coated with an antibiotic-releasing polymer
Bioresorbable scaffold for skin engineering: In vivo evaluation of tissue integration and vascularization
Immunohistochemical analysis of host reaction to polypropylene mesh after short term implantation in rabbit
Evaluation of porcine urinary bladder matrix bioscaffold for use in a novel skin substitute
In vitro and in vivo effects of ofloxacin and amoxicillin coating on synthetic meshes for genital prolapse and abdominal hernia repair
Correlation between defect healing and mesh infection in an experimental animal model
surgical sealant adhesion could be improve
Results of a phase two double-blinded randomised control trial assessing the effect of defined patient pathways on consent, anxiety and pain in patients undergoing MIRP
Ethics of intimate surgical examinations: teaching tomorrow's doctors - 5 years on
Central vein port implantations via two approaches: a comparison
Establishing a parathyroid service - A rapid learning curve
Video assisted thoracoscopy (VATS) in the assessment of mediastinal or hilar lymph nodes disease
Gemcitabin systemic per-operative chemotherapy (SPOC) for resectable stage I, II non-small cell lung cancer: pilot study
Clinical and pathological evaluation for malignant pulmonary tumors surgically treated after therapy for pharyngeal or laryngeal cancer
“Hemiclamshell” approach for thoracic surgery: Indications and morbidity, about 50 patients
Castleman's disease: anatomic - clinical and therapeutic forms. Serial 4 patients and literature review
Non small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) with chest wall involvment: a support for agressive surgical resection
The modern reconstruction of very large chest wall defect: an optimization by using the combination of STRATOS TM (Strasbourg Thorax Osteosynthesis System) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroéthylène) mesh
Pediculed supra-clavicular island flap for oral and pharyngeal reconstruction: an alternative to free forearm flap
New horizon in skin reconstruction using an artificial dermis in a single operative procedure
Dual mesh-muscle pocket with/without abdominal lift for immediate implant based breast reconstruction after skin sparing mastectomy: A surgical technique to recreate ptosis
Experience with abdominal flap breast reconstruction in patients with multiple abdominal scars
A retrospective comparison of analgesia requirements in patients undergoing free flap breast reconstruction with and without total rib preservation
Regulation of tissue fluid/lymph cytokines and growth factors of human keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation
Abdominoplasty in patients with and without pre-existing scars: A retrospective comparison of a single surgeon's experience
Thyroid tubercle of Zuckerkandl: myth or reality?
Is the laparoscopic training using human anatomical material improve the laparoscopic skill?
Is the number of lymph nodes correlated with mesorectal morphometry?
Bipartition of human articular facets: functional and evolutionary significance
Computer assisted dissection of the cavernous nerves in the neurovascular bundle
White matter and surgical approaches to the lateral ventricle
Superior approach to the inferior latyngeal nerve in thyroid surgery
Pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells perfusion stabilizes already-formed aortic aneurysms in a rat model
Endovascular repair of aortic arch lesions in high-risk patients or with prior thoracic aortic repair: mid term results
Endovascular repair for traumatic rupture of the aortic isthmus
Will all the thoracoabdominal aneurysms (TAA) be treated by endografts - what are the current limits?
Outcome following emergency abdominal aortic aneurysm repair; does inter-hospital transfer make a difference?
Novel gene expression in abdominal aortic aneurysms
Postconditioning: reduction of inflammatory processes after operations on the abdominal aorta
Intestinal ischemic preconditioning as a “remote preconditioning” to the liver; impact of the gut protection and signal cross-talk between the liver and the gut
Increased histone deacetylase 7 (HDAC7) gene expression is significantly associated with adenocarcinomas of the pancreas
Non-uniform regional liver regeneration after surgical resection is well accounted for by the flow dynamic simulation in portal branches
Tolerance and performance of a bio-absorbable staple-line reinforcement for distal pancreatectomy in a porcine model
Laparoscopic splenectomy is useful in patients with HCV-induced liver fibrosis accompanied by thrombocytopenia
The effect of edaravone on liver damage in controlled experimental non-heart-beating donor model
C-afferent innervation mediates the microcirculatory effects of limb ischemic preconditioning in rats
Autologous bone graft in anterior cervical decompression: a surgical legacy technique?
Interosseous membrane release in diaphyseal rotational malunion of the radius
Medial patellofemoral ligament anatomy: implications for its surgical reconstruction
Exogenous selenium restores intestinal perfusion in a porcine model of cardiac tamponade
The efficiency of L-Name therapy in acute pulmonary damage formed with blunt thorax trauma in rabbits
Cell therapy application to increase the muscles functional recovery after nerve injury
Recent advances in functional neurosurgery: the mri-based leksell stereotactical methodology
A remote controlled spinal cord compression injury model in mice: towards real time analysis
Ultrasound-guided versus free-hand fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules: Our experience
Minimally-invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy for parathyroid adenomas: gadget or progress?
Interest of sentinel node technique in the treatment of high-risk sqamous cell carcinoma of the skin
Results of a phase 2 trial: Can we abandon using drains following thyroid surgery? - A blinded prospective randomised clinical study
Past, present and future for the free forearm flap in head and neck oncologic surgery
Results of the surgery of lung and heart - lung transplantation in children
Simvastatin does not prevent LFA-1-dependent acute cardiac allograft rejection in CD28-deficient mice
Cardiac retransplantation. Still a valid option?
A novel screening system for preservation solution using luciferase transgenic rats
Humoral immunity involvement in chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Novel approach for effective isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord blood
Effects of thymoglobulin on ischemia reperfusion injury in clinical renal transplantation
Assessment of a neuroregenerative and endothelio-active combined strategy in prevention of post-operative erectile dysfunction on a rat-model
Penetrating injury to the retroperitoneum - have you checked the ureter?
Comparative study of tunica albuginea graft obtained with tissue engineering procedures: a new surgical approach on animal model
Experiments and finite element modelling of pelvic system for the study of genital prolapses
Biomechanical properties of pelvic ligaments
Using an early warning scoring system will reduce morbidity in obstetric patients
Anaesthetic management of brain dead for organ donation: impact on delayed graft function after kidney transplantation
Evaluation of surgical scoring systems and multi-purpose prognostic models for predicting mortality in patients undergoing gastrectomy for carcinoma
Surgical risk stratification in complex colorectal patients
Change patterns in acute appendicitis throughout 25 interval years
Direct action of prostaglandin F2α on human colonic mucosa and its potential role in carcinogenesis
Who gets it right? A comparison of diagnostic accuracy of general practice and accident and emergency referrals to a general surgery unit
Investigation of the nerve supply to the external anal sphincter (EAS) in the female rat
Atrophy of the sphincters of continence in an animal model
Silver-coated polypropylene implants and periprosthetic infection in a rat model of incisional hernia with bacterial inoculation
Superantigens prime human monocytes and peripheral blood mononuclear cells to bacterial lipoprotein and low-dose endotoxin challenges
Correlation between contraction and infection of implanted synthetic meshes, using an animal model of mesh infection
Use of bedside alcohol gel in surgical wards -prevention or source of hospital acquired infection?
Epidemiology and prevalence of methicillin — resistant staphylococcus aureus and staphylococcus epidermidis in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: focus on the differences between species isolated
Analysis of surgical site infection in patients with colorectal cancer stratified by age
Surgical site infection in clean — contaminated wounds with two methods of skin closure
Off-label use of recombinant activated factor VII for intractable haemorrhage after cardiovascular surgery: an observational study of practices in French cardiac centres between 2005 and 2007
Coronarie artery fistula associated with valvular heart desease: surgical management and literature review
Experimental animal model of systolic and diastolic right ventricular failure (SDRVF)
Stress hyperglycemia impaires platelet inhibition by asprin measured by thromboelastography and VerifyNow®
Operate or not operate: surgical or percutaneous treatment of high risk patient with aortic valve stenosis
Percutaneous atrioseptostomy: a tool for a rare life-threatening complication after left pneumonectomy
In vitro and in vivo testing of transit-time flow meters for the assessment of intraoperative cardiac output
A new surgical technique (LYMPHA) for primary prevention of ami lymphoedema following axillary dissection for breast cancer
Taurolidine, a novel anti-neoplastic agent, induces apoptosis in anaplastic thyroid cancer
Construction of a tissue microarray to validate novel biomarkers in malignant melanoma
Importance of mammography in detection of breast cancer at an earlier stage
ATRA blockage of cancer cells' proliferation in vitro depends on the continuous presence of the drug
The role of NADPH oxidase (Nox) complex in activating the PI3K/Akt pathway in recurrent breast tumours
MMP1 is a HNSCC tumor marker potentially useful for the assessment of surgical margin quality and lymph node invasion
Dai-kenchu-to attenuates rat sinusoidal obstruction syndrome by inhibiting the accumulation of neutrophils in the liver
Novel approach to identify the interaction between Kupffer cells and leukocytes in ischemia re perfusion liver injury
Alterations of the hemodynamic parameters in a surgical swine model of acute liver failure
Influence of two intraoperative fluid regimens on postoperative organ dysfunction in major abdominal surgery
TISS-28 score may predict operative mortality and length of intensive care stay in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery
A 3D reconstruction of pancreas development in the human embryos during embryonic period. (Carnegie stages 15 to 23)
Laparoscopic mouse model with controlled respiratory support
Early changes in cerebral vascular reactivity and inflammatory response after cardiopulmonary bypass in a rat model
Can acetylsalicylic acid prevent the development of intra-abdominal adhesions?
Tissue fluid cytokines- a neglected source of damaged tissue healing regulators
Prevention of adhesion reformation by laparoscopic adhesiolysis in a novel animal model
The mitogenic effect of platelet rich plasma (PRP) concentrate on human epidermal keratinocyte (HEK) and dermal fibroblast (HDF) may have implications for cutaneous wound healing
Autologous derived platelet rich plasma gel (APG); may hold the key to improving the clinical out come of difficult to treat Diabetic foot ulcers
Inhibition of Rho-kinase signalling ameliorates radiation-induced enteropahy
A randomised trial of EVLT versus surgery for varicose veins —Interim analysis
Comparing the endothelialisation of synthetic and biological vascular grafts under shear stress
Influence of stent-graft oversizing on fixation in angulated necks during thoracic endovascular aortic repair: an experimental study
A novel method for long term preservation of arteries - immersion in anhydric sodium chloride
Surgical bleeding control by vacuum devices
A new sutureless technique for end-to-end and end-to-side arterial and prosthetic anastomosis
Postconditioning in major vascular surgery - Prevention of renal failure
A new rat model of intestinal perfusion for the study of intestinal transport
How to set up and establish a colorectal surgery ‘wet lab’ training programme
Remote repercussion of different interval of ischemic preconditioning on small bowel ischemia-reperfusion injury model
Robot-assisted colorectal surgery
Perineal reconstruction following cancer resection
Rectal irrigation in the treatment of disorders of faecal continence - A prospective review
Phytoestrogens exert a direct effect on human colon
Improved preservation and microcirculation with POLYSOL after small-for-size liver transplantation in rats
Evidence of islet survival and revascularization following intramuscular autotransplantation in the minipig
Vascularized bone marrow transplantation: an alternative to conventional cellular bone marrow transplantation
Mandibular dental implants in children with anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: a case report
Comparison cuff and total suture methods of vascular reconstruction in arterialized liver transplantation in mice
About a dental transplantation of two ectopic teeth in adjacent position in a post-grafted labio-palatine facial slit
Improved physiological properties of small pancreatic pseudoislets
Positive end-expiratory pressure improves functional residual capacity and respiratory mechanics after induction of general anesthesia
Effect of hypoxia on the paracellular pathway of human colon in vitro
Efficacy and safety of rFVIIa in an acute arterial bleeding model in healthy rabbit: a blind study
Frozen elephant trunk technique with a standard endovascular device
Flow-activated cell-sorting of primary and metastatic tumour cells expressing green fluorescence protein for gene expression microarray analysis
Midterm results after coronary artery reconstruction on diffusely coronary artery disease
Predilection to sepsis, acute tissue infections and delayed infected wound healing may depend on the same genetic polymorphisms at TNFα G308A, TNFβ G252A, CCR2 G190A, CD14C159T, TLR2
Effects of high tidal volume ventilation on cardiac output
Early haemodynamic effects after gelatin infusion
Relationship between metabolic syndrome and aortic valve calcification
Virtual angioscopy in type A dissection: 3D reconstruction of false and true lumen with primary entry tear in ascending aorta
Experimental total cavopulmonary connection in a swine model without extracorporeal circulation. A feasibility study
Neutrophil activation is attenuated during cardiopulmonary bypass in the new millenium
Differential Scanning Calorimetry, as a new method to measure the structural injury in intestinal ischemia models
Changes of oxidative stress during experimental transvaginal NOTES cholecystectomy
Liver enzyme and total bilirubin alterations after open, laparoscopic and transvaginal cholecystectomy (NOTES)
Effects of sildenafil citrate on normal colon anastomosis in the rat model
The importance of pre-compression time for the secure staple formation “B-shape” in anastomosis using stapling technique
The intraperitoneal adhesion density in different anastomotic techniques - an experimental study
Comparison of efficiency of laparoscopic procedures in GERD and Barrett's esophagus (short term funtional and histological results)
Gastrectomy for elder patients with gastric cancer
Pre and postoperative values of antioxidative enzymes in colorectal cancer patients
Gender difference and future of gastric cancer
The impact of surgery on neutrophil activity in patients with primary colonic malignancy - pilot study
Lymphangiogenesis in GIST
Does ABO blood group influence the prognosis of colorectal cancer patients treated with laparoscopic surgery?
Successful treatment of a local recurrent duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor with hepatic metastasis: report of a case
Correlation of serum C-reactive protein with macroscopic and histopathology findings in acute appendicitis
Preoperative enteral immunonutrition possesses antiapoptotic properties
A case comparison study on laparoscopic major liver resections
Efficacy of adjuvant chemotherapy with gemcitabine after curative resection of pancreatic cancer
Prostaglandin I2: a main mediator of the vasodilatory aortic response in chronic portal hypertensive rats
Brain oxidative metabolism in basal conditions and after a memory task in cirrhotic rats with hepatic encephalopathy
Clinical effectiveness of SF in the liver surgery
Case of a pancreaticopleural fistula successfully treated with ERCP and sphincterotomy
Pancreaticoduodenectomy for periampullary adenocarcinoma: With or without vessels resection?
TN (R)C points system for cystic echinococcosis: clinical evaluating and monitoring of the disease
The role of ischemia modified albumin in evaluation of splanchnic ischemia during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Surgical treatment of hepatic hydatid cyst: cysto-jejunostomy by stapling
Devices for the prevention of pancreatic fistula following distal pancreatectomy
The utility and a pitfall of FDG-PET in a diagnosis of advanced and recurrent biliary tract cancer
The influnence of adenosine A2 receptor anagonist on oxygen free radicals and apoptosis during ischemia reperfusion injury in rat pancreas
Usefulness of Vicryl plus sutures in preventing surgical site infection in sinus Pilonidal
Burn trauma induces early high mobility group box protein 1 (HMGB1) release in patients
Clinical significance of EXDP in surgical SIRS
The effects of Kupffer cell blockade on hepatic and renal expression of heme oxygenase genes after biliary obstruction combined with sepsis
Comparison of the maxilla and mandible displacement in distraction osteogensis
Intraoperative monitorization of iPTH in primary hyperparathyroidism (HPT)
A prospective study of the upper limb morbidity following axillary surgery for breast cancer
Antioxidant effect of N-acetylcysteine in liver ischemia-reperfusion injury following hemorrhagic shock
Regulated factors related to duration of hospital stays in gastrointestinal cancer surgery cancer surgery
Evaluating the effectiveness of the Mini-CEX in the modern NHS -trainees' perspective
Preoperative calorie restriction is feasible in a clinical setting
Localization of the temporal transverse gyrus of Heschl on neuronavigation MRI for cortical stimulation in chronic tinnitus
Development of a bioengineered human connective tissue substitute for use in abdominal surgery
Ex-vivo cultivation of viable epithelial and stromal urethral cells for use in tissue engineering
Biomechanical properties of an artificial abdominal wall substitute developed by tissue engineering
Attenuation of liver ischemia and reperfusion injury due to oxygen free radicals and apoptosis by pretreatment with Calcitonin gene related peptide
Expression and induction of cytochrome P450 activity in cryopreserved porcine hepatocytes
Changes of oxidative stress on skin cancer-screened patients following solid organ transplantation
Incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer following human solid organ transplantation
The indicative force of erythrocyte aggregation changes in comparison of splenectomy and spleen autotransplantation in beagle dogs
Soft tissue wounds evoke reaction of the lymphatic system-does it correlate with healing?
Head and neck cancer tissue bank and clinical database as a basis for collaborative research
Effect of surface coating on short term osseointegation of dental implants: a histological study in dog
Internal mammary vessel exposure with total rib preservation during free flap breast reconstruction - Technique and pitfalls
Internal mammary lymph node biopsy in microvascular free flap breast reconstruction: a useful technique?
Use of topical vasodilators in microvascular surgery in UK plastic surgery departments
Mesh implantation is better than suture repair even in small abdominal wall hernias. (randomized, prospective, multicenter clinical trial)
Robot-assisted mediastinal lymphadenectomy
Non-recurrent recurrent laryngeal nerve related to thyroid surgery
Anatomy of the aortic root - a guide to aortic valve sparring procedures
Sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer: How many nodes to stop at? Our experience at a tertiary centre in Singapore
Prox1 is one of the target genes of IFN-g and Prox1 knockdown inhibits IFN-g - induced apoptosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells
Resection of liver metastases from colorectal cancer: experience of single institution
Prognostic factors of stage III-B breast cancer after downstaging and modified radical mastectomy
Hepatic stellate cells promote the liver metastasis of colon cancer cells by the action of SDF-1/CXCR4 axis
N2 Lymph node metastasis in nonpalpable breast cancer
The isolation and characterization of tumorigenic esophageal cancer cells
Retroperitoneal leiomyosarcomas: an asian experience
Prognostic significance of intraoperative pleural lavage cytology in patient with non-small cell lung cancer
Reduction of mitochondrial biogenesis in bronchopulmonary tumors
Does selenite inhibit the formation of peroxynitrite from NO in vascular surgery? A new approach for therapy?
Correlation of blood Platelet function, soluble Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor KB Ligand (sRANKL) and Nitrous-oxide (NO) level with progression of vascular illness on lower limb amputees
Reducing oxidative stress and leukocyte activation in reperfusion injury with controlled reperfusion
Acute arterial ischemia in cancer patients - Surgical outcome
Claudicants are at risk of balance problems and falling
Hemodynamic, microcirculatory, hemorheologic and histological analyses of artificial arterio-venosus shunts in rats
In vitro behaviour of several collagen-based meshes in a setting of bacterial contamination
Effects of ranitidine on colonic and fascial wound healing in rats
Compression therapy of swollen lower limbs-tissue fluid hydraulics, clinical effects