Disruption of platelet-derived chemokine heteromers abolishes endotoxin-induced lung injury : WB-1
Successful clinical translation of intramuscular islet autotransplantation : WB-2
Impact of oxygen during cold storage of small bowel grafts and transplantation on innate immunity : WB-3
Key Role of Downstream TLR-Signaling during Inflammatory Events within the Postsurgical Gut Wall : WB-4
Biological Properties & Regenerative Potential, In Vitro & In Vivo, of Human Cardiac Stem Cells Isolated from the Adult Human Heart : WB-5
Hepatocyte growth factor prevented abdominal adhesion formation after hepatectomy by regulating interferon-γ and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 : WB-6
The Contribution of the RNA-binding protein RNPC1 to P21-mediated cell cacle arrest and radiation sensitivity in oesophageal cancer : OP0-1
The role of Endoscopic Retrograde Pancreatography in the treatment of local complications of pancreatic trauma : OP0-2
Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Outcomes: Are They Predestined? : OP0-3
Risk factors for early rebleeding and death in alcoholic cirrhotic patiens with acute variceal haemorrhage treated with emergency endoscopic injection sclerotheraphy : OP0-4
Novel localised anticoagulation in thrombosis prevention in a porcine kidney machine perfusion model : OP1-1
Comparison of oxygen free radical scavengers in preventing ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat livers from non-heart-beating donors : OP1-2
Impact of oxygen and nitric oxide persufflation on resuscitation of marginal donor liver grafts from Non-Heart-Beating Donors : OP1-3
In vivo fluorescence diagnosis of metastatic lymph nodes using 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) in colon cancer : OP2-1
Anti-metastatic effect of silencing CXCR3 and CXCR4 in colon cancer : OP2-2
Preoperative bevacizumab lowers tumor interstitial fluid pressure in a rodent model of intraperitoneal chemoperfusion for colorectal peritoneal metastasis : OP2-3
Effect of PPI (Rabeprazole) on reflux esophagitis after total gastrectomy : OP2-4
Transfusion Drains versus Suction Drains in Total Knee Replacement: A Meta-analysis. : OP3-1
Is The Timing of Definitive Skeletal Fixation and Soft Tissue Coverage in the Management of Gustillo Type 3 Open Tibial Fractures Compliant with BOA/BAPRAS Guidelines? : OP3-2
Does the Management of Gustillo Type 1-3 Open Tibial Fractures in the South West Comply with BOA/BAPRAS Guidelines? : OP3-3
All Polyethylene Tibial Components in Total Knee Arthroplasty - Patient Outcomes : OP3-4
Analysis of tissue bioimpedance as a measurement of liver steatosis. Experimental model in large animals : OP4-1
Indications and outcomes of the components separation technique in the repair of complex abdominal wall hernias/defects- Experience from Cambridge : OP4-2
Transperineal sector biopsies of the prostate - addressing uncertainty : OP4-3
Clincal Handover; Do We Follow guidelines? : OP4-4
The effect of Functional Dead Space up on Respiratory Gases for Application in Artificial Ventilation : OP4-5
In vivo real-time urodynamic recordings from female Göttinger minipigs with an implanted radio-telemetric system : OP4-6
Katp channel in the liver: Localization and the role for cytoprotection : OP5-1
Anatomical distribution of tissue fluid and lymph in soft tissues of lower limbs in obstructive postsurgical lymphedema - hints for surgical and physical therapy : OP5-2
Receptor tissue modulates long term behaviour of heavy and light weight prostheses in repair of abdominal wall defects : OP5-3
Improvement of dermal tissue vascularization with clonogenic vessel wall resident endothelial progenitor cells : OP5-4
The use of copolymer-protected gene vectors for bioactivation of collagen scaffolds in tissue engineering : OP5-5
Mesenchymal stromal cells immobilized in an oriented 3D scaffold accelerate functional recovery after acute spinal cord injury : OP5-6
Implantation of a 3D microstructured collagen scaffold as a tissue engineering strategy to promote repair in experimental spinal cord injury : OP5-7
Virulence genes of Staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis strains from patients with diabetic foot ulcer: focus on MRSA and MRSE strains from neuropathic versus ischemic foot ulcers : OP6-1
In vitro blood immune cell adherence test to wound tissue reveals subsets participating in healing : OP6-2
Dupuytren's disease in patients infected with HIV - A case series : OP6-3
Role of neutrophils in the activation of trypsinogen in severe acute pancreatitis : OP6-4
Evaluation of WBC, serum CRP and procalcitonin in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis : OP6-5
Conditions for stable lung functions and hemodynamics in mechanically ventilated mice : OP6-6
TNF-α induced septic shock does not trigger acute lung injury in mechanically ventilated mice : OP6-7
A Review of 40,499 Colonoscopies: Where are the polyps? : OP7-1
Robotic right adrenalectomy: video analysis of initial experience : OP7-2
Laparoscopic colorectal procedures: A single centre experience with 72 patients : OP7-3
Technical steps in laparoscopic low anterior resection: video analysis of the surgical technique form a tertiary care center : OP7-4
Multi-centre double-blind placebo controlled parallel group randomized trial of the clinical value of PREoperative Oral CArbohydrate Loading In Colorectal Surgery (PRECALICS - NCT00868400) (Fellowship Award 2009) : OP8-1
Levels of cholangiocyte-abundant MicroRNAs in liver grafts prior to transplantation are predictive for long-term graft survival : OP8-2
Impact of preoperative 3D hepatectomy simulation system for liver resection and transplantation: Application to various kind of liver resection procedure : OP8-3
Monitoring myocardial tissue oxygenation and postischemic cardiac performance: First results in newborn cardiac surgery : OP8-4
Robot-assisted live kidney donation: The Rotterdam experience : OP8-5
Post-operative Ileus in elective colorectal surgery : OP9-1
Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) in surgical patients: A Welsh experience : OP9-2
Intestinal Failure: Surgical workload and management for Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) patients in Wales 2008-2010 : OP9-3
The apposition of a bovine pericardial patch improves intestinal anastomotic wound healing in the pig : OP9-4
Significant low long-term adhesion formation on biological meshes : OP10-1
The MR-visible-Mesh as IPOM in rabbits: First in-vivo imaging of mesh ingrowth and delineation to its surrounding structures : OP10-2
Disruption of circadian rhythmicity in liver metastasis of colorectal cancer : OP10-3
3D scaffold - cell interaction in small intestine tissue engineering : OP10-4
Numerical prediction of thrombocyte reactions for application to a vascular flow model : OP10-5
A new small scale animal diffusive membrane oxygenator for application in experimental cardiopulmonary bypass : OP10-6
High-dose cyclosporine A protect against ultrastructural changes and mitochondrial dysfunction after cold myocardial ischemia-reperfusion : OP11-1
A novel organ preservation technique for small-for-size grafts in liver transplantation: Venous Systemic Oxygen Persufflation (VSOP) + Nitric Oxide Gas : OP11-2
Intestinal ischemic preconditioning as a "Remote Preconditioning" to the liver; role of heme oxygenase-1 in the 2nd window protection : OP11-3
Rupture of diaphragmatic hernia caused by ileus with Chilaidti syndrome: A case report : OP11-4
The effect of pentoxifylline and bencylane hidrogene fumarate on mesenteric ischemia/reperfusion injury in a rat model : OP11-5
Remote limb ischemic preconditioning protects the microcirculation after partial hepatic ischemia in rats : OP11-6
Role of education in surgical antithromboprophylaxis of patients - A prospective study : OP11-7
Mitogenic effect of human tissue fluid/lymph on keratinocyte proliferation : OP12-1
Is specimen index a predictive factor for recurrence after primary closure of pilonidal disease? : OP12-2
Use of combined angiogenic-antimicrobial agent for wound healing in rat model : OP12-3
Oral glutamine improves incisional wound healing in 5-fluorouracil treated rats : OP12-4
The role of lymphangiogenesis in wound healing : OP12-5
Long term outcomes of Reduction mammoplasty (RM): an evaluation of psychosocial & QOL parameters in a Randomised Controlled Trial : OP12-6
Tissue oxygen tension measurement as tissue vitality-related index: Clinical results in reconstructive microsurgery : OP12-7
Mild versus strong anti-inflammatory therapy during early sepsis in mice: a matter of life and death : OP13-1
Skin own bacteria may aggravate inflammatory and occlusive changes in atherosclerotic arteries of lower limbs : OP13-2
Role of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand (PSGL)-1 for the recruitment of leukocytes in the lung microvasculature during polymicrobial sepsis : OP13-3
p38 Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Signaling Regulates Streptococcal M1 Protein-Induced Neutrophil Activation and Lung Injury : OP13-4
Assessment of compliance to hand hygiene using alcohol hand rub: A complete audit cycle : OP13-5
A new insight on the contribution of surfactant on pulmonary oxygen diffusion rate : OP13-6
Janus-faced immunoregulatory vagus signaling in postoperative ileus (POI) : OP13-7
The effects of cardiopulmonary bypass perfusion strategies on cerebral tissue oxygenation and hemodynamics in neonates during cardiac surgery: Deep hypothermic reduced flow versus moderate hypothermia with full flow : OP14-1
Outcomes of saphenopopliteal ligation with or without small saphenous vein stripping: Does extended stripping provide better results? : OP14-2
Correlation analysis of stair climbing test, anaerobic threshold in cardiopulmonary exercise testing & B-type natriuretic peptide levels in pre-operative evaluation of patients undergoing intervention for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) : OP14-3
Regional and temporal variation in the expression of metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in the venous wall of arteriovenous shunt in an experimental model : OP14-4
Investigation of the preventive effect of proanthocyanidin in ischemia and reperfusion injury after lung transplantation : OP14-6
Aneurysmal degeneration of the cryoperserved arterial allografts : OP14-7
Influence of the vassal obstructive interval in the results of vasovasostomy : OP15-1
Quantitative HBV-DNA and AST are strong predictors for survival after detection of hepatocellular carcinoma : OP15-2
Enzymatic activity and immune response to pancreatic cancer : OP15-3
Both chronic and peri-operative corticosteroids are associated with an increased risk of anastomotic leakage: a prospective study among 259 left-sided anastomoses : OP15-4
Comparison of stapled hemorrhiodopexy with Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy for grade III and IV hemorrhiods : OP15-5
Expression of COX-2 and PGE-2 in rat esophageal cancer induced by duodenal contents reflux : OP15-6
The effectiveness of starting time of octreotide of experimental to the pancreatitis progress : OP15-7
The effects of prolonged pneumoperitoneum on hepatic function during laparoscopic surgery: a pilot study : OP16-1
Impact of intraperitoneal pressure and duration of a CO2 pneumoperitoneum on the surgical peritoneal environment on a tissue level during laparoscopic surgery : OP16-2
Functional outcome and surgical results after laparoscopic and open incisional hernia repair : OP16-3
Augmented reality and 3D measurement for monocular laparoscopic abdominal wall hernia repair : OP16-4
Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair: Is Pain a Function of Tacks? : OP16-5
Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: Tacks or Glue? : OP16-6
Training tomorrow's surgeons: Are theatre staff helping or hindering? : OP17-1
Melatonin restores muscle function after crush injury in rat skeletal muscle : OP17-2
Upper limb salvage following near skeletalisation : OP17-3
Two-year experience with non-operative treatment of gunshot to the liver : OP17-4
CT-diagnostic in emergency : OP17-5
Long-term functional changes after low anterior resection for rectal cancer compared between a colonic J-pouch and a straight anastomosis : OP18-1
Systematic analysis of studies investigating sentinel node navigation surgery and lymphatic mapping for gastric cancer : OP18-2
A-Part® Gel decreases formation of adhesions in a peritonitis rat model : OP18-3
Modified stapler configuration for optimisation of colonic anastomosis : 0P18-4
Comparison of the effects of Mitomycin-C and Na-Hyaluronat/Carboxymethylcellulose (Seprafilm®) on abdominal adhesions in cecal abrasion model and mitomycin-C toxicity on blood counts and bone marrow : OP18-5
Establishment of hydatid cyst disease in dogs and rabbits : OP18-6
A qualitative study of Decision Making (DM) in Cancer care: A Global Perspective : OP18-7
Magnetic resonance imagine findings correlates with pathological subtype classification of hepatocellular adenomas : OP19-1
Duodenogastric Reflux after Choledocho-duodenostomy: Evaluation by 99mTc : OP19-2
The influence of additional intraoperative gastrointestinal interventions on early patient outcomes after surgery for gynecological cancers : OP19-3
Peri-operative use of a COX-2 inhibitor as an analgesic causes anastomotic leakage in the ileum : OP19-4
Body composition and outcome in patients undergoing liver resection for colorectal liver metastases. : OP19-5
Prognostic significance of extracapsular extension of lymph node metastasis in pN+ gastric cancer : OP19-6
Compliance of the World Health Organisation Surgical Safety Checklist: An outcome of an audit cycle : OP19-7
Donor DNA level in blood of kidney allograft recipients - can it be used as a diagnostic factor for rejection? : OP20-1
Risk factors for incisional hernia after J-shaped subcostal incision after liver transplantation: a prospective study : OP20-2
Mild Hyponatremia has a Substantial Influence on Clinical Outcome of Patients on the waiting list and after Liver Transplantation : OP20-3
A new endoscopic training model on specially embalmed human specimens for hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy : OP20-4
Hypothermic machine perfusion of kidney grafts: which pressure is preffered? : OP20-5
Venous systemic oxygen persufflation with nitric oxide gas protects steatotic grafts and improved circulation after partial orthotopic liver transplantation in rats : OP20-6
Incorporation of the donor DNA in to the recipient lymphoid cells after allogeneic transplantation : OP20-7
Transumbilical Multi port Clipless Cholecystectomy (TUMP-CC) without using Triport : OP21-1
Successful transplantation of rat and pig aortic grafts after long term preservation in dehydrated sodium chloride : OP21-2
Increased levels of advanced glycation end products (AGE's) in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm and aorto-iliac occlusive disease : OP21-3
The indentor: non-invasive asseccment of intra-abdominal presuure by measurement of abdominal wall tension : OP21-4
A new method for long-term generation of ultra-pure nitric oxide-containing gas mixtures via UVA-induced photo-decomposition of nitrite ions in aqueous solutions : OP21-5
Additive manufacturing for microvascular reconstruction of the mandible in 20 patients : OP21-6
Perception and practice of junior surgeons regarding smoking cessation in the surgical patients : OP21-7
A preoperative protein free diet protects against hepatic ischemia and reperfusion injury : OP22-1
Hydrogen sulfide does not induce hypometabolism in pigs : OP22-2
Hepatocyte-derived MicroRNAs in human serum are sensitive markers for hepatic injury in liver transplantation : OP22-3
The effect of vena hepatica embolization and portal vein embolization on the hypertrophy response of the liver : OP22-4
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen and ozone preconditioning on oxidative/nitrosative stress induced by tourniquet : OP22-5
Fasting induces rapid maturation and mobilization of T and B lymphocytes : OP22-6
Outcomes of lower limb amputations - Single centred retrospective study : OP22-7
Reduction of activated macrophages after ischemia/reperfusion injury diminishes oxidative stress and ameliorates renal damage : OP22-8
Endovenous Laser Therapy: Evolution of practice at the Hull Royal Infirmary : OP23-1
Role of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF) in assessment of patients undergoing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair : OP23-2
Identification of risk factors affecting perioperative mortality; A case control study of open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repairs : OP23-3
Effects of human amniotic fluid on costal cartilage regeneration : OP23-4
A promising new treatment of combined lung and right ventricular failure. An experimental study : OP23-5
Preoperative intra aortic balloon pumps in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery (review) : OP23-6
The role of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) in patients suspected of pancreatic cancer with negative helical MDCT-scan. : OP24-1
Long term survival of HCC predicted by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI : OP24-2
Adhesion formation to intraperitoneally implanted meshes : OP24-3
The influence of perioperative use of paracetamol on early anastomotic and abdominal fascia healing in the rat : OP24-4
Prognostic value of the number of removed lymph nodes in lymph node positive gastric cancer : OP24-5
The detrimental effect of 5-fluorouracil on the healing of colon anastomosis: Could it be restored by oral glutamine supplementation? : OP24-6
Proteomic identification of putative biomarkers of radioresistance in rectal cancer : OP24-7
The use of Mitek bone anchors for synthetic mesh fixation to repair recalcitrant abdominal hernias : OP25-1
Fewer intraperitoneal adhesion formations with use of HOGY sheet compare to Seprafilm: a comparative study in pigs : OP25-2
The usefulness of high-b value diffusion MRI for differential diagnosis of gallbladder tumors : OP25-3
Plexus hanging maneuver for pancreatico-duodenectomy : OP25-4
A novel approach to the surgical treatment of giant hepatic hydatid cysts: cysto-jejunostomy : OP25-5
PMMA sorbitol capsules for the treatment of pyogenic bone infection: experimental study in rabbits : OP25-6
Using Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : OP25-7
Can we manage more Patients with diabetes as Day Cases in Urology? - Outcomes of the North West of England Regional Audit : OP25-8
Increased use of US, CT and laparoscopy has no impact on clinical outcomes in patients undergoing appendicectomy : OP26-1
Maximum tolerated dose and bioavailability of different paclitaxel formulations after HIPEC treatment : OP26-2
TEP inguinal hernia repair compared with Lichtenstein; Quality of Life (the LEVEL - trial) : OP26-3
Comparison of two surgical tecniques in chronic pilonidal disease: cleft lift procedure with excision of pit and primary midline closure : OP26-4
The effect of fibrin glue on the early healing of intestinal anastomosis in the rat : OP26-5
Glucose in the alimentary limb is not absorbed and doesn't activate secretion of insulin and GLP1 in Gastric Bypass in a lean minipig model : OP26-6
Pancreaticoduodenectomy technique in patients who have a replaced right hepatic artery arising from the superior mesenteric artery : OP26-7
ADAMTS13, von Willebrand factor cleaving protease, activity and liver graft preservation; how to reduce the risk for Thrombotic microangiopathy? : OP27-1
A preoperative protein deficient diet protects against renal and hepatic ischemia and reperfusion injury : OP27-2
Association and dissociation between portal venous and biliary ramifications: Retrospective analysis of 313 consecutive living-donors for liver transplantation : OP27-3
Pre-transplant parameters predict survival during and after liver transplantation : OP27-4
Marginal allograft viability assessment in the preservation period utilising rapid sampling microdialysis. : OP27-5
A soldier's small bowel transplant story: returned to life after losing almost his entire intestine : OP27-6
Ante-colic or retro-colic Roux-en-Y reconstruct-tion after total gastrectomy? : P1-1
Synchronous pancreas adenocarcinoma and breast infiltrative ductal carcinoma : P1-2
Reconstruction of oesophageal transit after emergency oesophagogastric surgery : P1-3
Closed segment obstruction related to tumor obstruction on both ends : P1-4
Postoperative intestinal obstruction after transverse and midline incision for gastrectomy : P1-5
Interval laparoscopic appendectomy in our institution : P1-6
Unusual presentation of a primary recurrent hydatid cyst : P1-7
Total oxidant status, paraoxonase activity and ischemia modified albumin in acute appendicitis : P1-8
The importance of novel tumor markers including CA-125, CA-19·9 and Carcinoembryonic antigen in acute appendicitis : P1-9
Primary appendagitis epiploica: Diagnosis and follow-up (report of a case series) : P1-10
Compliance with preoperative surgical site marking verification checklist - Are we checking all the right boxes? : P1-11
Promotion of wound healing in intestinal anastomosis wit h gelatin hydrogel incorporating basic fibroblast growth factor : P2-1
Inflammatory reaction and neotissue maturation during the early host tissue incorporation of several polypropylene prostheses : P2-2
Effect of collagen bioprosthesis crosslinking on long term collagen deposition following the repair of an abdominal wall effect : P2-3
Experimental treatment of frostbite lesions: antiplatelets versus low molecular weight heparins : P2-4
Wound healing in scalpel, electrocautery and peak plasmablade that is used at incisions : P2-5
The effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper® on the healing of colonic anastomosis : P2-6
Effect of ankaferd blood stopper® on wound dehiscence in midline laparotomy incision : P2-7
Basal Cell Carcinoma responding to Systemic Chemotherapy (R-CHOP)-a case report and review : P2-8
An extremely unusual patient intentionally replacing content of her surgical drains with fluid to mimic high-volume wound drainage : P2-9
The results of prosthetic mesh repair of incarcerated inguinal hernia : P2-10
The effects of different prosthetic meshs on intrabdominal adhesion formation : P2-11
The effects of various duration of CO2 pneumoperitoneum on postoperative adhesion formation : P2-12
Oesophagic perforation as complication of cervical spine surgery : P3-1
Peri-areolar breast augmentation: An outcome analysis : P3-2
Influence of MAPK inhibitors on the effect of GST enzyme inhibition on the viability and apoptosis of cardio myocytes : P4-1
Regional heterogenecity and time-course of immunohistochemical changes in the venous wall of a porcine arteriovenous shunt model : P4-2
Who could predict this? An extremely unusual patient intentionally replacing content of her surgical drains herself with fluid to mimic a high volume of drainage : P5-1
Magnitude of inflammatory markers level can predict development of postoperative complications : P5-2
Necrotizing soft tissue infection of whole abdominal wall developing after hysterecthomy : P5-3
Servical necrotizing soft tissue infection of tooth abscess in a pregnant patient : P5-4
Acute abdominal pain caused by intestinal volvulus in a patient with familial Mediterranean fever : P5-5
Cardiopulmonary bypass activates multiple pro-inflammatory signalling pathways in peripheral blood leukocytes : P5-6
The effects of Botox injection to thyroid glands on thyroid hormon levels. (Preliminary Report) : P6-1
Tissue engineering of an ureter graft : P6-2
Bridging 10 mm nerve gaps in the facial nerve branches by a Y-tube-conduit reduces the degree of collateral axonal branching at the lesion site : P6-3
Hypoglossal-facial anastomosis over a 10 mm gap bridged by a Y-tube-conduit enhances neurite regrowth and reduces collateral axonal branching : P6-4
Abdominal wall hernia repair: a comparison of small intestine submucosa and silicon covered polypropylene mesh in a rabbit hernia model : P6-5
Intrauterus cell therapy: biodistribution of hepatocytes transplanted into fetuses : P7-1
Combined cell transplantation in the treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia. Preliminary study : P7-2
Cardiac regeneration by cell transplantation; is it justified in human clinics? : P7-3
Pharmacologic preconditioning protects livers and lungs from inflammatory reaction of the split liver procedure : P7-4
Multi-drug donor preconditioning offers an effective protection against ischemia/reperfusion injury for steatotic livers : P7-5
Novel localised anticoagulation in thrombosis prevention in a porcine kidney machine perfusion model : P7-6
Innate immune response to pre-operative enteral immunonutrition in pancreatic cancer patients: Effect on Toll-like receptor-4 and myeloid differentiation factor 88 gene expression : P8-1
Isolated intestinal perforation due to blunt abdominal trauma : P8-2
The extent of lymph node dissection for colon carcinomas: The potential impact on laparoscopic surgery : P9-1
Monocular slam with augmented reality in endoscopic surgery : P9-2
Acute appendicitis. Solved problem? : P9-3
Bioflavonoid Quercetin attenuates oxidative stress caused by transvaginally created pneumoperitoneum : P9-4
Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy with spleen preservation for pediatric patient; Effectiveness of laparoscopic ultrasound : P9-5
An audit of laparoscopically placed peritoneal dialysis catheters- infections and complications : P9-6
Simple aspiration cannula using in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A cost-effective alternative : P9-7
The effects of carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum on brain natriuretic peptide and cardiac troponin I during laparoscopic cholecystectomy : P9-8
Pre-ischemic high-dose cyclosporine A treatment protects the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap from ischemia-reperfusion injury: Effects on tissue oxygenation and mitochondrial oxidation : P10-1
Effect of kidney ischaemic and pharmacological postconditioning on plasma big Endothelin level in healthy and diabetic rats : P10-2
Cilostazol and iloprost attenuate acute lung injury caused by ischemia/reperfusion of the lower extremities in rats : P10-3
Amelioration of acute liver toxicity of L-asparaginase by using L-carnitine : P10-4
Blockage of chemokine receptor, CXCR2, suppresses cell proliferation, migration and invasion in intrahepatic cholangiocellular carcinoma : P11-1
Pancreatic cancer is associated with up-regulation of TLR4 and NOD1 gene expression in peripheral blood leukocytes and increased MyD88 serum concentration : P11-2
Impact of major surgery on innate immune response in patients with pancreatic cancer : P11-3
Adrenal insufficiency following appendectomy in a patient with acute appendicitis : P11-4
A rare causes of acute abdomen: primary torsion and necrosis of omentum : P11-5
A rare case of colon cancer with anomalies of intestinal rotation : P11-6
What is the Modality of Surgical Treatment in Well-differentiated Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Located on the Extrahepatic Biliary Duct : P11-7
Intramyocardial tissue oxygenation and cardiac energetics: Experimental studies during cold ischemia and reperfusion : P12-1
Design of a new probe for bioimpedance measurement : P12-2
Immunohistochemical evolution of the tpo, p53 and ki67 proteins in thyroid diseases : P12-3
Quality of RCT abstracts presented at the congresses of Turkish Surgical Association: An audit based on CONSORT guidelines for abstract reporting : P12-4
Optimization of flow and pressure management in experimental machine perfusion preservation : P12-5
A case of tuberculosis mimicking breast cancer and N3M1 disease on fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emmisson tomography (PET) : P12-6
Tourniquet-Torch: A new practical medical device : P12-7
Open or laparoscopic appendicectomy in a DGH setting : P12-8
Perioperative safety in the morbidly obese surgical patient - Techniques for reducing risk of rhabdomyolysis : P12-9