At-A-Glance Programme
The training, assessment and validation of a urology nurse endoscopist
Rapid diagnostic haematuria clinic (RDHC); lessons learned
A prospective study of the additional value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of haematuria
UTI in men; a comparison of ultrasonography and plain X-ray with IVU
A nurse-led prostate cancer follow-up clinic: initial experience and patient perceptions
Use of quality-of-life rating scales in prostate cancer
First experiences with the in-flow valved catheter in female patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction
The use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to treat urinary symptoms from a neuropathic bladder: effect on quality of life
The use and misuse of scrotal ultrasonography
Testicular microlithiasis - a pre-malignant condition?
Chemotherapy with or without partial orchidectomy for testis conservation in patients with germ cell cancer (GCC): is it safe, is it justified?
Medical and surgical approach to metastatic seminoma: should it be treated differently to non-seminoma?
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection following chemotherapy for testicular teratoma; a 7-year audit of the transabdominal approach
Surgery as salvage in chemotherapy-resistant non-seminomatous germ cell tumours (NSGCTs)
The response on CT 21 days after chemotherapy as a predictor of the need for surgery in germ cell cancer
Re-operation for metastatic testis cancer after chemotherapy
Surgery for metastatic germ cell tumour: a survey of British practice
An investigation into the effect of pressure on penile urothelial blood flow as measured by laser Doppler flowmetry
Erectile dysfunction in men who received high-dose chemotherapy/chemoradiotherapy for haematological malignancies
Sildenafil (Viagra™), an oral treatment for erectile dysfunction; 1-year, open-label extension studies
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and phentolamine intracavernosal injection therapy; a new and safe treatment for non-psychogenic erectile dysfunction
Penile drug-delivery implants; a long-term follow-up
Plaque incision and vein patching for Peyronie's disease: the Lue procedure
Long-interval vasectomy reversal; the role of micro-epididymal sperm aspiration as a combined procedure
Four-year experience of the use of capsaicin in the treatment of the loin pain/haematuria syndrome
The laparoscopically assisted nephroureterectomy with modified endoscopic excision
Complications of laparoscopic nephrectomy and nephroureterectomy
Hydronephrosis in pregnancy; the role of gadolinium-labelled DTPA magnetic resonance renography
Symptomatic hydronephrosis of pregnancy; how best can it be managed?
A comparison of endoluminal ultrasonography and CT angiography to evaluate crossing vessels at the PUJ
Treatment of PUJ obstruction using the Acucise™ device
Long-term follow-up of balloon endopyeloplasty for pelvi-ureteric obstruction
Comparison of the outcome from open surgery and percutaneous pyelolysis for PUJ obstruction in one centre over 3 years
Mitrofanoff principle in reconstructive surgery; is it safe or durable?
Nerve-sparing anterior resection of the rectum; initial urodynamic results
A constitutively active variant epidermal growth factor receptor is expressed by human prostate cancer cell lines
Prognostic markers for radical prostatectomy
Measuring prostatic tumour volume
Complexed PSA compared with the free/total PSA ratio for discriminating between benign and malignant prostate disease
The stability of free and bound PSA
An evaluation of four methods of measuring free/total PSA ratio in patients with and without prostate cancer
Patients' tolerance of TRUS-guided prostatic biopsy: an audit of 104 cases
Castration - the patient's choice?
Antegrade stenting for ureteric obstruction in advanced prostate cancers has a high morbidity and mortality
Stilboestrol plus adrenal suppression as salvage treatment for patients failing LHRH analogues/orchidectomy
Mechanisms for hormone resistance to prostate cancer in black and white men
Stilboestrol in hormone-refractory prostatic cancer (HRPC): forgotten treatment for an emerging epidemic
Cyclin A expression in bladder cancer: correlation with Ki67 index
MDM2 and p53 immunoreactivity; independent predictors of stage progression in pT1 bladder cancer (TCC)
The expression and distribution of vascular endothelial growth factor in bladder cancer
Cultured bladder cell responses to hypo-osmolar solution; evidence for stretch activated channels?
A porcine in vitro model of bladder reconstruction: urothelial cell proliferation and differentiation on de-epithelialized stomach
Vascular endothelial growth factor: a role in bladder cancer recurrence and stage progression?
Intramural ganglia in the human female urethra
Control of normal human urothelial cell proliferation
A relationship between free PSA and coagulopathy after TURP
Quantifiable biofeedback pelvic floor exercise in the management of genuine stress incontinence
The uroscope: a short cystoscope for the accurate injection of Macroplastique™
Peri-urethral injection: prediction of outcome
Management of stress urinary incontinence using the Vesica™ percutaneous bladder neck suspension
Surgical management of urethral damage in female patients with spinal cord injury and chronic indwelling urethral catheters
Management of the incompetent urethra in the chronically debilitated female patient: an alternative to urethral closure
Stress incontinence and two types of leak point pressure; clinical relevance and relationship with urethral profilometry?
The frequency/volume (F/V) chart: don't be without one!
A new technique to assess detrusor function after urinary retention
A prospective audit of the use of frequency/volume charts in the prostate assessment clinic
European pressure-flow investigation of tamsulosin in men with LUTS suggestive of benign prostatic obstruction (BPO); the ESPRIT study
The natural history of voiding dysfunction in men: the long-term follow-up of TURP
A prospective randomized multicentre trial of transurethral electrovaporization of the prostate against TURP: preliminary results
A comparative prospective study between interstitial laser ablation(Indigo™), radiofrequency interstitial needle ablation (TUNA®) and TURP in the treatment of BPH
Does endoscopic laser ablation (ELAP) stand the test of time?: 5-year results of a multicentre randomized study of ELAP versus TURP
How is the follow-up after TURP best performed?
Mucin gene expression in normal bladder and expression of MUC2 in TCC of the bladder
Failure of apoptosis is associated with dysregulation of bcl-2 and bax in superficial TCC
Prognostic value of p53 protein expression, bcl-2 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen status in subgroups of high-risk superficial and invasive bladder tumours
Neural network analysis of clinicopathological and molecular prognostic markers in bladder cancer
Flexible cystoscopic holmium:YAG laser ablation compared with conventional cystodiathermy for superficial bladder cancer
Mitomycin-C in combination with 5-aminolevulinic acid-mediated photodynamic therapy has a supra-additive effect on a mitomycin-resistant bladder cancer cell line
Dose-response relationships in intravesical chemotherapy
Interaction of meglumine γ-linolenic acid with epirubicin and mitomycin C: implications for combined use in superficial bladder cancer
The changing pattern of morbidity and mortality from radical cystectomy in the UK
Contemporary management of ureteroceles
An audit of childhood circumcisions using histology
Bradford NHS trust circumcision service
Preputial plasty: save the prepuce
Tubularization of the incised urethral plate (Snodgrass procedure) for primary hypospadias surgery: a single firm's experience
Skeletal growth and long-term bone turnover after enterocystoplasty in a rat model
Stone formation in paediatric enterocystoplasty
The effects of combining the antiandrogen bicalutamide with hyperthermia and radiation on prostate cell lines in vitro
The contribution of the human prostate cancer gene HPC1 to British, Texan and Canadian prostate cancer families
Does prostate cancer screening detect potentially life-threatening early prostate cancers?
Improved accuracy of prediction of prostate cancer using transition zone volume and PSA
Prostate cancer imaging with 111In-labelled monoclonal antibody to prostate membrane-specific antigen (PMSA)
The role of repeated prostate biopsy in patients with persistently high PSA levels
Medical Research Council immediate versus deferred treatment study: how important is local progression in advanced prostate cancer
Avorelin: is a 12-monthly LHRH depot implant on the horizon?
MRC immediate versus deferred treatment study: patients dying without treatment
Prostaglandins and cyclic nucleotides synthesis in the lower urinary tract of the diabetic rabbit
Suppression of micturition in healthy men by electrical stimulation of the dorsal penile nerve
The relationship between bladder ageing and detrusor instability: physiological studies
Treatment of detrusor instability with neuromodulation: outcomes related to both conventional and ambulatory urodynamics
An open prospective pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of temporary urethral stents in the early management of neuropathic bladder in acute tetraplegia after spinal cord injury
Low pressure vesico-ureteric reflux in spinal cord injury
The use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to treat urinary symptoms arising from neuropathic bladders - urodynamic results before and after TENS
Alpha-interferon improves survival in patients with metastatic renal carcinoma: preliminary results of an MRC randomized controlled trial
Pus in the kidney: 5 years' experience in a single centre
Subspecialization: the way forward for urology in district general hospitals
Pre-vasectomy counselling by GPs: A viable option?
Primary care-led diagnostic cystoscopy: a blueprint for the future
Changing practice in anterior urethroplasty
Renal transplantation after renal failure due to urological disorders
Attempt to reduce biofilm formation in long-term catheters using metal strips to create an electrical field
Microvessel density as a predictor of prognosis in TCC
p53 mutations and drug metabolising enzymes: relationships in bladder cancer
p53 and bcl2 expression in TCC of the bladder
MUC1 mucin as a tumour marker in bladder cancer
Telomerase in bladder cancer
Can the bladder tumour antigen test replace voided urine cytology in the diagnosis of bladder tumours?
The Bard BTA test as a prognostic indicator in mitomycin-treated superficial bladder cancer
The utility of the bladder tumour antigen test in a one-stop haematuria clinic
Community chemotherapy for superficial bladder cancer
Cancer services - Her Majesty expects...
The effect of the purinergic agonist α,β-methylene ATP on bladder compliance in the rat
Correlation between histological changes and urodynamic parameters in detrusor instability
Sphincter EMG: A test for all urologists?
The effect of measuring post-micturition bladder volume immediately after free flow rate
Residual fraction: a more reliable index in the assessment of bladder emptying
Do histaminergic or gastrinergic pathways explain the effect of oral cimetidine on bladder pain and irritability?
Cimetidine in the treatment of interstitial cystitis: a 30-month follow-up
Oral cimetidine for symptomatic relief in painful bladder syndrome; a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Doxazosin modifies serotonin-mediated bladder contraction: potential clinical relevance
Early results of transperitoneal detrusor myectomy and omentoplasty for detrusor instability and hyper-reflexia
Are all current BAUS guidelines for the investigation of BPH clinically appropriate?
The repeatability and inter-rater agreement of frequency-volume charts in the evaluation of patients with LUTS
Prospective 3-year follow-up of men with BOO secondary to BPH treated by transurethral needle ablation of the prostate (TUNA)
Quality-of-life changes after KTP/Nd:YAG hybrid laser treatment of the prostate and TURP: one-year follow-up results from a prospective randomized trial
Initial enthusiasm justified: the 2-year follow-up of a prospective randomized trial of electrovaporization of the prostate and standard TURP
Treatment of BOO using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
Tablets or TURP; trends in the management of bladder outlet obstruction
Is a routine outpatient appointment required after TURP or bladder neck incision? Results of a telephone follow-up study
The safety of autologous blood transfusion in TURP
Urinary sepsis after post-operative catheter removal; is there a case for antibiotic prophylaxis?
No stone left unturned
Management and aetiology of stones in intestinal urinary reservoirs
Normocalcaemic hyperparathyroidism and recurrent stone formers
Comparative analysis of nephrostomy, stent and urgent in situ ESWL for obstructing ureteric stones
A new endoscopic technique for ureteric procedures
Lithotripsy for small asymptomatic kidney stones: results of the MRC randomized trial
What should be the endpoint of treatment for elderly patients with complex renal stone disease?
The Indinavir/loin-pain syndrome and urolithiasis associated with Indinavir therapy
Trial of voiding after acute urinary retention: a prospective study
BPH causing haematuria: a prospective randomized study of the natural history and the effect of finasteride
Haematuria: a long-term problem after prostatectomy
Validation of the ethanol breath-test to measure irrigating fluid absorption during TURP by on-table weighing
Transurethral needle ablation of the prostate (TUNA): a prospective study and 3-year follow-up
Endoscopic laser ablation of the prostate: a prospective study and 4-year follow-up in 170 patients
The 2-year symptomatic and urodynamic results of a prospective randomized trial of interstitial radiofrequency therapy and TURP
TURP versus high-energy microwave thermotherapy (HE-TUMT) of the prostate in patients with BPH: long-term results
Co-localization of β-nerve growth factor (β-NGF) receptors and neural cell markers in BPH
Immunotherapy of rat prostate cancer using allogenic whole tumour cell vaccines
Mycobacterium vaccae (SRL172): an adjuvant to autologous live irradiated whole tumour cell vaccine in rat prostate cancer
Expression of MAGE, BAGE and GAGE genes in prostate cancer
Fibroblast growth factor-8 overexpression in prostate cancer predicts poor patient survival
Heat-shock proteins HSP27, HSP60 and HSP70 expression is altered in prostate cancer
Genetic duplication in the 11p11.2 prostate-specific membrane antigen(PSM) gene-containing region does not extend to the nearbyKAI-1 gene locus
Effects of short-chain fatty acids on primary urothelial cells: implications for the treatment of diversion colitis of the neobladder
Cyclin D1 expression in TCC of the bladder: correlation with WAF1, p53 and Ki67
Immunohistochemical identification of endothelin-1 in the human male membranous urethra
Does blunt scrotal trauma result in testicular atrophy?
MESA - fresh or frozen?
Assisted fertilization: results of an epididymal approach for sperm retrieval in infertile men and immunohistological changes of the reproductive tract in obstructive azoospermia
Preservation of human testicular tissue before chemotherapy
Nesbit's procedure: a review of outcome and patient satisfaction
The Nesbit operation for congenital curvature of the penis
The effect of methylene blue on rabbit corpus cavernosum and implications for the actions of cyclic GMP
Is the measurement of serum testosterone routinely indicated in men with erectile dysfunction?
Colour Doppler studies during the titration phase for alprostadil therapy
Haemospermia - aetiology and need for investigation
The outcome of partial nephrectomy for RCC in patients with a solitary kidney
Real-time MRI-guided interstitial laser therapy for inoperable renal lesions: a novel therapeutic approach?
Psychiatric assessment before and after pain relief in the loin pain haematuria syndrome
Percutaneous veno-venous bypass in surgery for RCC with associated inferior vena caval tumour thrombus
Extra-anatomical stents in ureteric obstruction: experience and complications
Comparative urological audit of performance of two urological units
Sensible guidelines to sensible GPs get sensible referrals!
A one-stage dorsal urethroplasty for urethral diverticula repair in male paraplegics
The management of complex entero-urinary fistulae
A simplified procedure for the assessment of the biochemical risk of forming stones in patients with uric acid and/or calcium-containing urinary calculi
Acetohydroxamic acid as salvage treatment for severe refractory struvite stone disease
Preliminary report of almost anaesthesia-free ESWL treatment of urinary lithiasis with the prototype Dornier Lithotripter with a new flat electromagnetic shock-wave emitter
Improved stone clearance in percutaneous nephrolithotomy using the flexible cystoscope
Is IVU really necessary as primary imaging for haematuria?
Prospective evaluation of scrotal ultrasonography: limited application in clinical practice
Unenhanced spiral CT in acute renal colic
The effect of angiotensin II on stable and unstable human detrusor smooth muscle
The natural history of voiding dysfunction in the male: the long-term follow-up of detrusor underactivity
The natural history of voiding dysfunction in men: the long-term follow-up of BOO
Ambulatory and static cystometric voiding variables in women; a randomized prospective study
Suprapubic transvesical injection for genuine stress incontinence
A randomized study of 'dynamic' versus 'static' rectus fascial suburethral sling: early results
The influence of sling tension on the outcome of pubovaginal sling surgery for stress urinary incontinence
Pelvic fracture injuries of the female urethra
Clinical value of free PSA and the free/total PSA ratio in a busy urological practice
Does the use of percentage free PSA decrease the negative biopsy rate in men with suspected prostate cancer?
The role of PSA in the staging of prostatic cancer
Radical retropubic prostatectomy in 1998: what outcomes are achievable?
Early catheter removal after radical retropubic prostatectomy
Quality of life after radical prostatectomy
Bone morphogenetic protein-6 expression in radical prostatectomy specimens: correlation with stage and progression
Positive prostatic biopsy after radiotherapy: Does it matter?
Prolonged testosterone suppression in prostate cancer with an implant releasing the GnRH agonist histrelin
Randomized phase-II trial assessing estramustine and vinblastine combination chemotherapy vs. estramustine alone in patients with hormone-escaped progressive metastatic prostate cancer