Drug-induced cystitis: the need for vigilance
The influence of pH on urinary ionized [Ca2+]: differences between urinary tract stone formers and normal subjects
Elective conservative surgery for renal carcinoma versus radical nephrectomy: a prospective study
Transuretero-ureterostomy: a review of 253 cases
An in vitro comparison of urease-induced encrustation of JJ stents in human urine
The source of urinary nitrosamines in patients with enterocystoplasties
Alpha-receptor blockade for benign prostatic hyperplasia: uses and problems in a developing country
Out-patient surgery for the correction of penile curvature
Intralesional interferon in the treatment of Peyronie's disease: a pilot study
Natural erection induced by prostaglandin-E1 in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital penile anomalies
Structural alterations in the tunica albuginea of the penis: impact of Peyronie's disease, ageing and impotence
Long-term follow-up of men undergoing modified inguinal lymphadenectomy for carcinoma of the penis
B-mode and colour-flow duplex ultrasonography: a useful adjunct in diagnosing scrotal diseases?
Long-term effects of cigarette-smoke exposure on plasma testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone levels in male rats
Histological evidence of an inflammatory reaction to suture material in the dog vas deferens
The incidence of cystic fibrosis gene mutations in patients with congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens in Scotland
Expression of bcl-2 and p53 oncoproteins in schistosomiasis-associated transitional and squamous cell carcinoma of urinary bladder
Physical predictors of infection in patients treated with clean intermittent catheterization: a prospective 7-year study
The accuracy of recording of occupational history in patients with bladder cancer
The infusion trial of micturition
A randomized cross-over study comparing the use of a catheter valve and a leg-bag in urethrally catheterized male patients
Genital anomalies in human and animal models reveal the mechanisms and hormones governing testicular descent
Spontaneous ascent of the testis
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and EGF receptor in hypospadias
A short vas deferens limiting successful laparoscopic testicular descent
Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome with or without transverse testicular ectopia and testis tumours
Vaginovesicostomy using absorbable staples
A restraint to improve the focusing of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of ureteric calculi
Multiple sclerosis presenting solely with bladder disturbance
Ectopic duplicate megaureter and renal cell carcinoma
Primary neurilemmoma of the bladder
Bladder hamartoma
Cystic lymph node metastasis caused by a Bellini duct carcinoma
Hepatic abscess: a tertiary complication of Mitrofanoff continent urinary diversion
Modification of the technique of percutaneous nephrolithotomy in the morbidly obese patient
Non-lymphocytic leukaemia following chemotherapy of a germ cell tumour
Testicular teratoma with malignant transformation, presenting as squamous cell carcinoma with metastatic localization in the penile corpus cavernosum
Acute lobar nephronia as the presenting manifestation of hyperparathyroidism
Professor Stefan Wesolowski 60 Years in Urology
Duplex renal pelvis - a technical aid to selective stenting
Dismembered pyeloplasty in infants under the age of 12 months
Stone formation on permanent suture material used previously in colposuspension
Francois de LaPeyronie
Bladder replacement by ileocystoplasty after cystectomy for cancer: comparison of two techniques
Bladder replacement by ileocystoplasty after cystectomy for cancer: comparison of two techniques
Incidentally detected renal neoplasms
Labial adhesion
Penile arterial colour duplex ultrasonography
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