Molecular control of nephrogenesis and the pathogenesis of kidney malformations
Prenatally detected uropathy: epidemiological considerations
Upper urinary tract obstruction: experimental and clinical aspects
Lower urinary tract obstruction: clinical and experimental aspects
Development of glomerular filtration and tubular sodium reabsorption in the human fetus and newborn
Prenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis: the Great Ormond Street experience
Programme of Abstracts
Relation between valve bladder and temporary high diversion. Is renal failure only related to dysplasia and bladder dysfunction?
Prospective outcome analysis of the feasibility and efficacy of primary valve ablation in children with posterior urethral valves
Acute focal bacterial nephritis in children
Is bacterial colonization of the prepuce affected by antibiotic prophylaxis?
Pathophysiology of spermatic cord injury
Post-traumatic high-flow priapism in children: minimally invasive management and placement of vascular coils
One-stage surgery for ectopic ureterocele
Minimally invasive treatment of urinary tract calculi in children
Long-term outcome of children operated upon for cystine calculi: a 7- to 15-year follow-up
Dynamic MRI urography in the evaluation of neonatally detected abnormalities of the upper urinary tract
What is the optimal protocol for timing of surgery in neonatal PUJ obstruction?
Scintigraphic features of very likely obstructed kidneys with normal or near normal renal function
Congenital unilateral PUJ stenosis: correlation of post-operative improvement in renal functional with renal histological changes and microproteinuria levels
Renal histology and renal cell apoptosis in congenital PUJ obstruction in young children: preliminary data
Diuretic-enhanced duplex ultrasonography in children with obstructive and non-obstructive pelvicalyceal dilatation
Improved gross fetal unilateral hydronephrosis
Congenital solitary kidney: age-related renal functional outcome
Multicystic dysplastic kidney: an inherited anomaly?
Vesico-ureteric reflux associated with an antenatal diagnosis: a study of 40 cases
Reflux-induced pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction: prevalence and clinical significance in an unselected population of children
Local tissue reaction to glass microspheres as an alternative material for the endoscopic correction of VUR
Prevalence and clinical significance of VUR in an unselected population of children with their first urinary tract infection
Antenatally diagnosed PUJ obstruction: what are the best criteria to decide surgery?
Posterior urethral valves
Doppler ultrasonography in obstructed uropathies of children
Renal Doppler ultrasonography in children with hydronephrosis: value in diagnosing obstruction and in postoperative follow-up
Prenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis: final outcome related to type of treatment
Is there a place for the insertion of a JJ stent as a temporary procedure for symptomatic partial congenital vesico-ureteric obstruction in infancy?
Increased c-Met tyrosine kinase expression in segmental renal dysplasia
Biomolecular evidence of renal hyperplasia in the fetal rabbit with congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Is fetal unobstructed distended bladder caused by an innervation deficit?
Long-term culture of porcine urothelial cells and induction of urothelial stratification
Renal tissue endothelin not increased in experimental partial ureteric obstruction
Does pelvic smooth muscle wall ultrastructure predict postoperative urine emptying patterns?
The in vitro assessment of a collagen sponge as a substrate for engineering a urothelial bio-artificial graft
'Biotesticle', a new testicular prosthesis for young boys
Paediatric lower urinary tract rhabdomyosarcoma: a single centre experience of 28 cases
One-stage reconstruction of the lower urinary tract in children with genitourinary rhabdomyosarcoma
Phimosis-a skin-saving technique and results
An alternative method of circumcision for boys with haemophilia
Circumcision in patients with haemorrhagic diathesis: the use of fibrin glue for local haemostasis
Complex single-system ureteroceles in infants and children: clinical features and outcome
The presentation and gonadal management of true hermaphrodites
Staged penile reconstruction in intersex children
Urge incontinence and dysfunctional voiding: the effect of cognitive biofeedback training after 7-10 years
Pelvic-floor therapy in children with functional constipation based on a paradoxical anal sphincter contraction
Pelvic-floor therapy and toilet-training in young children with dysfunctional elimination syndromes (dysfunctional voiding and constipation)
Is dyscoordinated voiding a normal phenomenon during fetal life and during early infancy?
Sleep disturbance and bladder dysfunction in enuretic children with treatment failure: fact or fiction?
Introduction of a score in urodynamics which can predict neurological degradation in patients operated upon for a primary tethered cord
Supraspinal NMDA receptor inhibition influences the micturition reflex and renal function in rats
Persistent dysfunctional voiding in a child 3.5 years after Guillain-Barré syndrome: a long-term urodynamic and clinical follow-up
Using alpha-blockers to improve bladder emptying after PUV resection
The treatment of voiding dysfunction by pelvic-floor EMG biofeedback in children
The detection of IgG antibodies to silicone
Experience with laparoscopy in impalpable testes
Varicoceles in boys-selecting the optimal therapy?
Varicocele: surgical therapy in children and adolescents
Surgical correction of varicocele in children
Diagnostic tools for laparoscopic varicocele operation-a chance to prevent recurrence
Hypospadias in twins
Incised urethral plate hypospadias repair (Snodgrass technique) as a primary and salvage procedures
Results of the tubularization of the incised urethral plate (Snodgrass procedure) for primary hypospadias surgery
Distal hypospadias repair with Duplay technique: results after dartos patch reinforcement
A modification of King's operative technique for hypospadias repair: a critical and empirical review over 20 years
Component-orientated hypospadias repair: long-term results in 400 consecutive cases
Long-term results of tubularized urethroplasty using longitudinal vascularized penile island skin flap
The tubularized incised plate hypospadias repair: a versatile operation
Tubularization of the urethral plate-a procedure for almost any hypospadias repair
Pre-treatment of proximal hypospadias with hCG in infancy decreases the severity of hypospadias and chordee
Inlay-onlay flap urethroplasty for complex hypospadias repair
Extensive mobilization of the hypospadiac urethra as a replacement for substitution urethroplasty
Endoscopic treatment of urinary incontinence with Deflux R: a prospective study of 10 patients
Decreasing revision rate for artificial urinary sphincters with a longer follow-up
The Pippi Salle procedure for the treatment of urinary incontinence: a British perspective
One institution's experience with the Malone (antegrade colonic enema) procedure
Ureterocystoplasty for neurogenic bladder augmentation
Bladder augmentation: a comparison of two methods
A new approach to bladder augmentation: seromuscular enterocystoplasty
Colocystoplasty using a seromuscular flap with a submucosal layer; a comparison with other methods of bladder augmentation in children
A posterior access to spare the genital ducts during the implantation of the artificial urinary sphincter
Nd:YAG laser tissue welding in urinary reconstruction: an experimental study
The effects of vasodilatation and chemical sympathectomy on spermatogenesis after unilateral testicular torsion: a flow cytometric DNA analysis
Relationship between the adjustment problems in children, the emotional characteristics of mothers, parental attitude and dysfunctional voiding disorders
Successful treatment of nocturnal enuresis with adenoidectomy and/or tonsillectomy
Functional urethral obstruction in Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy
Distribution of basement membrane components during tissue remodelling of human neonatal processus vaginalis in vitro
Changes in urodynamic patterns in time: repeated urodynamic studies with concomitant measurement of bladder pressure and urine flow rate in the obstructed guinea-pig
Anterior sagittal transanorectal approach versus a posterior sagittal approach in paediatric urology: personal experience
Absent vagina in patients with anorectal anomalies
Injuries to the genitourinary system during a posterior sagittal approach and their repair
Use of labia minora pedicled flap for vaginal reconstruction in cloacal malformation
Urinary hydrometrocolpos by persistent urogenital sinus: anterior sagittal transanorectal approach
The posterior pararectal approach to enlarged prostatic utricles and male vaginas
Total mobilization of the urogenital sinus for the management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Total urogenital sinus mobilization (TUM): expanded applications
Complications of clean intermittent catheterization in children
Clinical experience with catheterizable continent urinary diversion(Mitrofanoff principle)
Early and late metabolic alterations in children and adolescents with Kock urinary reservoir
Bladder stones after cystoplasty-can they be prevented?
Early experience using a catheterizable ileovesicostomy (Monti procedure) in children
Continent Mitrofanoff stomata in children with preservation of the appendix
The use of catheterizable abdominal stomata and augmentation cystoplasty in achieving continence in salvage bladder neck reconstruction in children
Transversely tubularized ileal segments for the Mitrofanoff or MACE procedures: the Monti principle
Bladder exstrophy: a 21-year experience with functional reconstruction in consecutive patients followed from birth
Anatomical correction of the exstrophy/ epispadias complex: a review of 33 patients
Combined vertical and horizontal pelvic osteotomy approach for primary and secondary repair of bladder exstrophy: long-term results
Simultaneous repair of bladder exstrophy and epispadias in male infants
Low-dose desmopressin in the treatment of nocturnal urinary incontinence in exstrophy-epispadias complex: preliminary results
Epispadias repair using the penile disassembly technique
AMS 800-sphincter for the management of bladder exstrophy and neurogenic bladder dysfunction in childhood-results and complications
Abdominal wall plasty for patients with exstrophy