Frequent Allelic Loss at 6q26–27 in Breast Carcinomas of the Solid-tubular Histologic Type

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To characterize the effect that inactivation of a putative tumor suppressor gene on 6q appears to have on breast carcinogenesis, we examined loss of heterozygosity in 528 primary breast carcinomas with a polymorphic marker located at 6q26–27, a frequent target region of allelic loss in ovarian and breast cancers. Of the 56 informative tumors of the solid-tubular type, 29 (52%) showed allelic loss at 6q26–27; however, only 10 of 42 papillotubular carcinomas (23%) and 34 of 86 scirrhous carcinomas (39%) showed allelic loss (p=0.0215). These results are consistent with reported alterations at 6q26–27 in serous and mucinous types of ovarian cancers, in that they suggest that inactivation of one or more genes in that region may affect carcinogenic mechanisms in a histologic type-specific manner in neoplasms of the female reproductive organs.

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