Phyllodes tumor of the breast with a grossly malignant appearance: A case report

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A huge phyllodes tumor of the breast that appeared grossly malignant in a 43-year-old woman is described. The patient suffered from a large breast tumor that suddenly increased in size over 5 months to occupy the entire breast. The tumor was hard, ulcerated and 20 cm in greatest diameter. Diagnostic imaging (US, CT and MRI) demonstrated a circumscribed mass with a large cystic cavity. She underwent total mastectomy under a diagnosis of malignant breast tumor. Grossly, the cut surface of the tumor showed a large cystic cavity surrounding a fleshy, hemorrhagic and necrotic mass with a lobulared or trabeculared appearance. Unexpectedly, benign phyllodes tumor (PT) without any stromal overgrowth was diagnosed histologically. She has been doing well since total mastectomy. In our case and in many other reported cases, PT does not show any distinctive correlation between pathologic findings and tumor behavior. Thus wide local excision is the preferred initial treatment for PT.

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