Aging and SKN-1-dependent Loss of 20S Proteasome Adaptation to Oxidative Stress in C. elegans

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Aging is marked by a collapse of protein homeostasis and deterioration of adaptive stress responses that often lead to disease. During aging, the induction of stress responses decline along with protein quality control. Here, we have shown that the ability to mount an adaptive response by pretreatment with minor oxidative stress is abrogated in aged Caenorhabditis elegans. We have identified a defect in SKN-1 signaling sensitivity during aging and have also found an aging-related increase in basal proteasome expression and in vitro activity, however, adaptation of the 20S proteasome in response to stress is lost in old animals. Interestingly, increased activation of SKN-1 promotes stress resistance, but is unable to rescue declining adaptation during aging. Our data demonstrate that the aging-dependent decline in SKN-1 signaling negatively impacts adaptation of the 20S proteasome in response to acute oxidative stress.

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