Stabilization of Nocardia EH1 epoxide hydrolase by immobilization

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A partially purified epoxide hydrolase from Nocardia EH1 was stabilized by immobilization through ionic binding onto DEAE-cellulose. This biocatalyst showed more than twice the activity (225 %) of that of the free enzyme albeit at a marginal reduction in enantioselectivity. The addition of the nonionic detergent Triton X-100 during the immobilization further enhanced the stability as indicated by a dramatic shift in the temperature optimum from 35 to 45°C. The stabilized immobilized biocatalyst could be successfully employed in repeated batch reactions (residual activity of 55% after five cycles), which was not the case for whole cell reactions (residual activity ≤10 %). © Rapid Science Ltd. 1998

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