Biosorption of cobalt by Pseudomonas halodentrificans: influence of cell wall treatment by alkali and alkaline-earth metals and ion-exchange mechanisms

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The influence of different cationic pretreatments of biomass (2000 meq cations/g biomass) on the biosorption of cobalt on Pseudomonas halodenitrificans was investigated. Li was the least inhibitory of Co2 biosorption (0.64 meq/g) and divalent ions were the most inhibitory (0.56 meq/g with Ca2, 0.46 meq/g with Mg2). Nevertheless, the binding between monovalent ions and biomass was too weak to study the role of ion-exchange in the mechanism of biosorption. A stoichiometric exchange occurred between Ca2 and 1 mM Co2 or less. © Rapid Science Ltd. 1998

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