Production of lovastatin by a wild strain of Aspergillus terreus

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Of 68 Aspergillus terreus, three produced lovastatin with equivalent or better yield than strain ATCC 20542 originally described for lovastatin production. Medium optimization experiments with the best isolate (TUB F-514) indicated that lactose, rapeseed meal and KNO3 were the best carbon, organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen sources, respectively. In shake-flasks with optimized medium containing 4 % (w/v) lactose, 400 μg lovastatin/ml was produced, with a yield of 10 mg/g lactose. In solid substrate fermentation on extracted sweet sorghum pulp supplemented with cheese whey 1500 μg lovastatin/g dry weight was produced with a yield of 37.5 mg/g lactose.

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