Biocatalytic resolution of 1,2-epoxyoctane using resting cells of different yeast strains with novel epoxide hydrolase activities

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Yeast strains (187) from 25 different genera were screened for the hydrolysis of 1,2-epoxyoctane. Epoxide hydrolase activity was found for 54 yeast strains. Asymmetric hydrolysis of 1,2-epoxyoctane was found for 8 yeast strains belonging to the genera Trichosporon, Rhodotorula, and Rhodosporidium. All these strains preferentially hydrolysed (R)-1,2-epoxyoctane to (R)-1,2-octanediol. Excellent enantioselectivity (E > 200) for 1,2-epopxyoctane is reported for the first time. Substrate concentration of 500 mM were used without any decrease in enzyme activity.

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