Hydroxylation of ( + )limonene, ( − )α-pinene and ( − )β-pinene by a Hormonema sp.

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Hormonema sp. UOFS Y-0067, freshly isolated from pine forest litter, hydroxylated mono- and bicyclic monoterpenes on the cyclohexane ring. It converted (+)limonene to trans-isopiperitenol (0.5 g/l; yield ca. 31% after 12h), while (−)α-pinene was converted to a mixture of verbenone and trans-verbenol (0.3 and 0.4 g/l; yield ca. 5% and 6% after 96h). (−)β-Pinene was converted to pinocamphone (0.1 g/l; yield ca. 2% after 72h). The latter was hydroxylated a second time to give 3-hydroxy-pinocamphone (0.2 g/l; yield ca. 4% after 72h).

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