Production of cellulases in batch culture using a mutant strain of Trichoderma reesei growing on soluble carbon source

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Trichoderma reesei Rut-C30 is a highly derepressed mutant which synthesised active cellulases in culture media containing glucose and lactose as the only carbon sources. The maximum biomass, filter paper and specific filter paper activities for cell growth on 20 g glucose l-1 were 20 g dry cell wt l-1, 1.9 FPU ml-1 and 4.8 FPU mg-1 protein respectively, while on 40 g glucose l-1 were 25 g dry cell wt l-1, 4.5 FPU ml-1 and 6.2 FPU mg-1 protein, respectively. This strain had a higher specific filter paper activity (6.2 FPU mg-1 protein) than was produced by other T. reesei mutants (3.6 FPU mg-1 protein).

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