Cloning, sequencing, characterization, and expression of a new α-amylase isozyme gene (amy3) from Pseudomonas sp.

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A new gene encoding an α-amylase has been cloned, sequenced and expressed in E. coli from an alkaliphilic Pseudomonas sp. KFCC10818. The structural gene is 1356 base pairs long and encodes a protein of 452 amino acids. The recombinant α-amylase has been purified and biochemically characterized. Molecular mass of the protein deduced from SDS-PAGE was 50 kDa. The enzyme showed an activity optimum at pH 8 and at 40 °C with complete stability at pH 13 for 3 h. The enzyme released maltose and maltotriose on hydrolysis of soluble starch. Amylose was hydrolysed over 5 times faster than amylopectin by the enzyme while the hydrolysis of cyclodextrin or pullulan was negligible.

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