Properties of Laccases Produced byPycnoporus sanguineusInduced by 2,5-xylidine

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Two isoforms of laccase produced from the culture supernatant of Pycnoporus sanguineus were partially purified by phenyl-Sepharose chromatography. Molecular masses of the enzymes were 80 kDa (Lac I) and 68 kDa (Lac II). Optimum activity of Lac I was at pH 4.8 and 30 °C, and Lac II was at pH 4.2 and 50 °C over 5 min reaction. The Km values of enzymes toward syringaldazine were 10 μm (Lac I) and 8 μm (Lac II). Sodium azide inhibited Lac I (85%) and Lac II (75%) activities.

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