Production of a Cellulase in Silkworm Larvae using a RecombinantBombyx morinucleopolyhedrovirus lacking the Virus-encoded Chitinase and Cathepsin Genes

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The expression efficiency of an insect-derived cellulase was assayed in silkworm larvae infected with recombinant Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) mutants lacking the virus-encoded chitinase (chiA) and/or cathepsin (v-cath) genes. Expression was increased by approx. 10% in mutants lacking chiA or v-cath and 17% in a mutant lacking both chiA and v-cath compared with that of the unmodified recombinant BmNPV. The recombinant BmNPV lacking both chiA and v-cath can therefore be used for a large-scale production of foreign proteins in silkworms.

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