Enhancement of growth and polysaccharide production in suspension cultures of protocorm-like bodies fromDendrobium huoshanenseby the addition of putrescine

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Putrescine at 0.6 mM stimulated protocorm-like body growth and polysaccharide synthesis in suspension cultures of Dendrobium huoshanense. The specific growth rate of protocorm-like body increased from 0.047 to 0.056 day-1, and the maximum dry weight and polysaccharide production reached 33.2 and 2.94 g l-1, respectively, while they were 24.6 and 2.12 g l-1, respectively, in the control. The administration of polyamine inhibitor, α-dl-difluoromethylarginine, at 1 mM, decreased protocorm-like body growth and polysaccharide production to 21.4 and 1.76 g l-1, respectively.

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