The Socio-Economic Impact of Pervasive Computing — Intelligent Spaces and the Organisation of Business

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Intelligent spaces (iSpaces) will change the way we live and work in the future. Although there are many visions of end-user applications, there has been much less attention on the impact of iSpaces on companies. Yet, iSpace technologies will have a profound effect, not only on the products and services offered, but also on the way companies are organised and managed. We look at three areas — the development of new organisational forms as a result of the emergence of complex services involving several companies working together, the need for successful companies to adopt management structures and systems that favour flexibility and adaptiveness in the face of a constantly changing market-place, and the impact of iSpaces on the way people work.iSpaces will break down the current boundaries that separate work, home and public spaces. A survey of attitudes toward the use of technology to mediate these boundaries was undertaken as part of the Eurescom project PROFIT. The results highlight concerns about non-independence, loss of control, security, privacy, and system failures that will need to be addressed if iSpaces are to experience wide-spread adoption.

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