Let's get real about the surgical workforce
A difficult balancing act
Redressing the balance of training in the ‘craft’ specialties
Accuracy of diagnosis by trainees as an index for training standards
Trauma and orthopaedics in the Transkei, South Africa
A long distance D2 gastrectomy course
Variation in learning styles of surgical trainees and consultants
The case for the specialist surgeon
The case for the general surgeon
Assistants in surgical practice : An update
Changing times : doctors at night
A day in the life of a night
Cryptic corner
Impact of full shift rotas
Faculty launches guidance on latex allergy
A survey of surgical SHO's opinions on the EWTD
Reports after retirement
Reports after retirement
Influence of EWTD compliant rotas on SHO operative experience
An EWTD-compliant SpR rotation
An EWTD-compliant SpR rotation
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