Evaporative Water Loss From Healed Burn Wounds
Laboratory Evaluation of a Synthetic Burn Wound Cover (IP758)
Hospital-Treated Burn Injury
Nursing Staff Attitudes About Burn Pain
Selected Reports from the Proceedings of the Second Conference on Supportive Therapy in Burn Care The National Institutes of Health October 9, 10, 1980
Smoke Inhalation
Excisional Therapy
Early Excision of the Burn Wound
Excisional Procedures
Excisional Therapy
Skin Substitutes
The Results of Early Primary Excision
Burn Debridement
Guidelines for Fluid Resuscitation
Fluid Resuscitation for Extensively Burned Patients
Resuscitative Fluid Composition
Hypertonic Saline
The Role of Albumin in Burn Resuscitation
Clinical, Legal, and Moral Perspective
Discussion of Section on Fluid Resuscitation