Research:Protection from Catabolism in Major Burns: A New Formula for the Immediate Enteral Feeding of Burn Patients
Research: Lipid Peroxidation Following Thermal Injury
Research: Computer-Assisted Estimate of the Area and Depth of Burn
Clinical Research: Cimetidine in the Prophylaxis of Stress Ulceration in Severely Burned Patients
Clinical Research: The Use of Plasma Exchange in Thermally Injured Patients Not Responding to Conventional Burn Management
Clinical Research: Clinitron Air-Fluidized Support: an Adjunct to Burn Care
Clinical Research: Analgesia and Morphine Disposition in Burn Patients
Burn Care Update
Clinical Research: The Care of Burns from Molten Sulfur: Presentation of a Burn to the Right Hand
Clinical Research: Inhalation Injury with Calcium Oxide — A Case Report
Rehabilitation: The Burn is the Beginning: A Positive Team Approach to Therapy and Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation: Preparation of Burned Children and Their Families for Discharge
Rehabilitation: The Tactile Functions of Burned Children
A Curriculum for Basic Burn Nursing Practice: Part Three: Series on Teaching Methodology: The Case Study as a Teaching Technique
Psychosocial Aspects of Burn Care