The Journal—Past, Present, and Future
Considerations in Nerve Reconstruction in Electric Burn Injury: Case Report
Burn Injury: Rehabilitation Management in 1982
Safety Razor Dermatome Use in Children
Burn Care in a General Hospital Environment
Public Health Nurses: A Liaison Between Home and Hospital for Burned Patients
The Incidence of Psychopathology in Burned Adult Patients: A Critical Review
Health Beliefs: Predictive Factors of Burn Rehabilitation
Burn Care Update
Evaluation of an Invasive Technique for Intracompartmental Measurements of Extremities in Victims of Major Thermal Trauma
Burn Suicide
VM-Plasty for the Correction of Postburn Syndactyly of the Hand in Children
Developing a Patient/Family Burn Unit Information Booklet
A Curriculum for Basic Burn Nursing Practice: Part Five: Series on Teaching Methodology Learner Motivation
Rehabilitation of the Burned Person
Discharge Planning and Home Care
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