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Gastrostomy Feeding in Normal and Hypermetabolic Burned Guinea Pigs: A Model for the Study of Enteral Diets
Prevention of Severe Postburn Hypermetabolism and Catabolism by Immediate Intragastric Feeding
Allograft vs Xenograft in Preparation of Wound for Autograft
Postburn Scar Contractures: Histology and Effects of Pressure Treatment
Injuries Due to Commercial Electric Current
Psychosocial Adjustment of Children Following Hospitalization for Acute Burns
Changes in Free and Total Levels of Plasma Cortisol and Thyroxine Following Thermal Injury in Man
A Quantitative Measurement of Complement (C3) Activation in Severely Burned Patients
A Semi-Closed Method of Burn Wound Dressing
Treatment of Herpes Simplex Viral Burn Wound Infection with Topical Acyclovir