A New Section for the Journal: Innovations in Burn Care
Tar and Asphalt Burns
Epidemiology and Treatment of Burn Injury in Virginia
Heterotopic Ossification in Burns
Effective Management of Deep Scald Burns to the Feet
PT/OT FORUM : A Compression Hand Wrap
Clinical Value of the Prognostic Nutritional Index in Burn Patients
Round Table Discussion : The Advent of Prospective Payment: How DRGs Could Affect Burn Centers
Containing Health Care Costs
Prospective Payment for Burn Care: Research Needs and Political Considerations
Impact of DRGs on a State-Supported Burn Care Facility
Impact of DRGs on a Private Burn Care Facility
Impact of DRGs on Drug Product Selection in Burn Care Therapy
Burn Care Update : Burn Nursing and DRG Reimbursement
Evaluation of Hemostatic Agents for Skin Graft Donor Sites
Measurement of 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-Prostaglandin F2α and 11-deoxy-13,14-dihydro-15-keto-11,16-cyclo Prostaglandin E2 in Human Plasma Following Thermal Injury
Inhalation Injury Related to Use of Petrolatum-Based Hair Grease
Is There a Need for Barrier Isolators with Laminar Air Flow in Managing Adult Patients with Major Burns?
Suicide and Parasuicide by Burning
Life and Death in a Burn Center
INNOVATIONS IN BURN CARE : Intraoperative Stabilization of Upper Extremities During Skin Grafting