Accomplishments, Plans, and Recognition
Excisional Therapy in Burn Injury: Who/When/How A Panel Discussion
Functional Hand Assessment After Enzymatic Debridement and Early Autografting
INNOVATIONS IN BURN CARE : Intraoral Wire Stabilization of the Endotracheal Tube in Facial Burns
Crossed Immunoelectrophoretic Analysis of Serum Abnormalities Following Thermal Injury
In Vivo Study of the Mechanical Property of Postburn Hypertrophic Scar Tissues
Effectiveness of Split-Thickness Autografts on Plantar Aspects of Feet
Outpatient Management of Electric Burns of the Lip
A Curriculum for Basic Burn Nursing Practice : Part VI: Series on Teaching Methodology—Evaluation
Use of Plastic Air Bands for Edema and Scar Contracture
CPR for Fire Victims
“At the First Sign of Fire, Soak Your Shoes