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Announcing Indexing of the JBC&R by Index Medicus
Whose Life Is This, Anyway?
The Impact of Thermal Injury
Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for Pain in Patients With Burns: Research and Clinical Considerations
Haloperidol Complications in Burn Patients
Patient Self-Reports Three Months After Sustaining a Major Burn
Adult Psychosocial Adjustment Following Childhood Injury: The Effect of Disfigurement
Psychological Regression and Marital Status: Determinants in Psychiatric Management of Burn Victims
Sexual Satisfaction in Burn Patients
Prevalence of Postburn Depression Following Burn Injury
A Survey of Attitudes of Burn Unit Nurses
Conceptual Framework for Pain Management
Inhalation Analgesics
The Pain Cocktail
Patient-Controlled Anesthesia
Analgesic Effects of Nalbuphine Hydrochloride (Nubain)
Hypnosis in Burns
A School Reentry Program for Burned Children Part I: Development and Implementation of a School Reentry Program
Part II: Physical Therapy Contribution to an Existing School Reentry Program
Burns in School-Age Children: Demographics and Burn Prevention
Mechanical Performance of Exertubing for Isotonic Hand Exercise
Pediatric Recreational Therapy after Thermal Injury
Feature Protocol from North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, Chapel Hill
Review from Harborview Medical Center, Seattle
Review from Shriners Burns Institute, Boston
Legislative Process Erodes Values As It Relates to Health Care Delivery