Fred T. Caldwell, Jr., President American Burn Association
Hospital and Prehospital Resources for Optimal Care of Patients with Burn Injury: Guidelines for Development and Operation of Burn Centers
A Long-term Study and Correlation of Lymphocyte and Neutrophil Function in the Patient With Burns
Comparative Evaluation of Zinc Sulfadiazine aims Silver Sulfadiazine in Burn Wound Infection
Survey of Treatment Modalities for the Prevention of Hypertrophic Facial Scars
Smoke Inhalation and Airway Management at a Regional Burn Unit: 1974 to 1983 II. Airway Management
Water-Jel in the Treatment of Burns A Bacteriologic Study
Gluteal Pouching: A Complication of Perineal Burn Scar Contracture : A Case Report
Adjunctive Hyperbaric Oxygen in the Treatment of Thermal Burns : An Economic Analysis
“How Do I Do It?” The Use of Prismatic Spectacles in Patients With Severe Cervical Burns
Is There a Need for State Health Department Sanitary Codes for Public Hydrotherapy and Swimming Pools?
A Survey of Burn Hydrotherapy in the United States
Legislative Alert to Members of American Burn Association
Burn Ware : Database Managers II
How Accurate Is Pulse Oximetry in Patients With Burn Injuries?
Dietary Noncompliance in Pediatric Patients in the Burn Unit
Reducing Child Hazards in the Home : A Joint Venture in Injury Control
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