The 1990 Everett Idris Evans Memorial Lecture: The Inhalation Injury
Hageman Factor—Dependent Kinin Activation in Burns and its Theoretical Relationship to Postburn Immunosuppression Syndrome and Infection
Persistence of Fetal Bovine Serum Proteins in Human Keratinocytes
Time Course of Alterations in Lung Lymph and Bronchial Blood Flows after Inhalation Injury
Determination of Tissue Viability in Experimental Electrical Injuries
Elevated Serum Aluminum Levels in Severely Burned Patients Who are Receiving Large Quantities of Albumin
The Effect of Thromboxane Synthetase Inhibition on Cardiopulmonary Function During Endotoxemia in Sheep
Observations on Stability and Contraction of Composite Skin Grafts: Xenodermis or Allodermis with an Isograft Overlay
A System for Adaptive Transportation
OASIS Positioning: A Respite for Therapists
The Physiologic Response of a Patient with Critical Burns to Continuous Passive Motion
Finger-tip Suggestion
Burns from Hot Oil and Grease: A Public Health Hazard
Bad Advice; Bad Burn: A New Problem in Burn Prevention
A Descriptive Summary of New Jersey's 1985 Burn Population
Burn Ware: Database Managers in the Burn Unit Part IV : DATA COLLECTION: THE WHO, WHEN, HOW
Infection Control in a Burn Center
Nutritional Considerations in Recovered Patients with Burns
Cumulative Author Index, Volume 11
Cumulative Subject/Title Index, Volume 11