American Burn Association Meeting: Highlights of the Business Meeting
Etiology and Control of Postburn Hypermetabolism: The 1991 Presidential Address to the American Burn Association
The Burned Patient's Response to the Environment: The 1991 Everett Idris Evans Memorial Lecture
WEB2170, a Specific Platelet-Activating Factor Antagonist, Attenuates Neutrophil Priming by Human Serum After Clinical Burn Injury: The 1991 Moyer Award
Bactericidal and Wound-Healing Properties of Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions: The 1991 Lindberg Award
Effects of Cimetidine on Fluid Requirement During Resuscitation of Third-Degree Burns
Reperfusion Injury in Burned Rats After Delayed Fluid Resuscitation
Evaluation of Erythropoietin Levels in the Anemia of Thermal Injury
Microbial Contamination in Allografted Wound Beds in Patients with Burns
The Effect of Ablation of the Preoptic Anterior Hypothalamus on Energy Metabolism and Plasma Catecholamines After Burn Injury in the Rat
Bacterial Translocation Is Prolonged in Burned Mice Infected with Cytomegalovirus
Ocular Changes from Electrical Burn Injuries: A Literature Review and Report of Cases
Tumor Necrosis Factor Mediates Hypertriglyceridemia During Thermal Injury in Mice Genetically Susceptible to Lipopolysaccharides
Treatment for Depigmentation Resulting from Burn Injuries
Immunoglobulin Synthesis by Cultured Lymphocytes from Spleen and Mesenteric Lymph Nodes After Thermal Injury
Conservative Treatment of Scald Burns Is Superior to Early Excision