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Management of the Pediatric Patient With Burns
Absence of Postburn Hypermetabolism in a Group of Children With Serious Burns
Does Inhalation Injury Limit Exercise Endurance in Children Convalescing from Thermal Injury?
Burns in Children - A Continued Challenge
Comparison of Back Versus Thigh Donor Sites in Pediatric Patients With Burns
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A Comparison of Full-Thickness Versus Split-Thickness Autografts for the Coverage of Deep Palm Burns in the Very Young Pediatric Patient
Reconstruction of Foot Burn Contractures in Children
The Early Release of Axillary Contractures in Pediatric Patients with Burns
Tissue Expansion in Pediatric Burn Reconstruction
The Relative Risk of Tissue Expansion in the Pediatric Patient With Burns
Development of Septic Arthritis by Hematogenous Seeding in a Pediatric Patient with Burns
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Social Competence and Behavioral Problems of Pediatric Survivors of Burns
Parental Stress as a Cause and Effect of Pediatric Burn Injury
Psychologic Adjustment After Childhood Burn Injuries as Predicted by Personality Traits
Sleep Disorders in Children After Burn Injury
Americans With Disabilities Act
Longitudinal Hand Grip and Pinch Strength Recovery in the Child with Burns
Spreadsheets in the Burn Unit
Reducing Pediatric Burn Pain with Parent Participation
Caloric Requirements of Patients With Burns Under One Year of Age
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