Special Announcements
Cornelia van der staay Kenner
Investigation of the Presence and Role of Calmodulin and Other Mitogens in Human Burn Blister Fluid
The Response in Heat Production, Plasma Catecholamines, and Body Temperature of Burned Rats to Hypothalamic Temperature Displacement
A Biochemical and Histologic Rationale for the Treatment of Hydrofluoric Acid Burns With Calcium Gluconate
Histologic Assessment of Low-Voltage Electrical Burns: Experimental Study With Pigskin
Evaluation of Treatment Modalities in Perioral Electrical Burns
Hot Tar Burns: Twenty-seven Hospitalized Cases
Evaluation of Graftskin Composite Grafts on Full-Thickness Wounds on Athymic Mice
Risk of Aluminum Accumulation in Patients With Burns and Ways to Reduce it
A Prospective Comparison of a New, Synthetic Donor Site Dressing Versus an Impregnated Gauze Dressing
Uses of Coban* Self-Adherent Wrap in Management of Postburn Hand Grafts: Case Reports
Hand Burn Splint Fabrication: Correction for Bandage Thickness
Burn Unit Survival Strategies in Changing Economic Times: Changes in Burn Nursing
Shared Governance: Is It a Catalyst of Change?
Alcohol Disorders Among Patients With Burns: Crisis and Opportunity