Recent Outcomes in the Treatment of Burn Injury in the United States: A Report From the American Burn Association Patient Registry
Beneficial Wound Healing and Metabolic Effects of Clenbuterol in Burned and Nonburned Rats
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Comparative Analysis of Bedside and Operating Room Tracheostomies in Critically Ill Patients With Burns
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Emotional Responses of Hospitalized Patients With Burns to Debridement During the Acute Phase
A Pregnancy Complicated by Mature Abdominal Burn Scarring and Its Surgical Solution: A Case Report
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The American Burn Association Patient Registry
The Importance of Sample Size and a Software to Find It
Contrasting Designs of Critical Pathways
Effects of ω-3 and ω-6 Fatty Acid—Rich Oils on the Cardiovascular System of Thermally Injured Rabbits: Changes in Plasma Triglycerides, Plasma Cholesterol, Relative Blood Viscosity, Platelet Count, and Bleeding Time
Enteral Feeding of a Pediatric Patient With Burns
Use of Biobrane in Wound Management
Influence of Biobrane Construction on Adherence
Use of Biobrane in the Treatment of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
Use of Biobrane in Management of Scalds
Pediatric Considerations in the Use of Biobrane in Burn Wound Management
Use of Biobrane for Extensive Posterior Donor Site Wounds
Nursing Care of Donor Site Wounds