Minutes of the Business Board Meeting of the American Burn Association, Friday, April 21, 1995
The 1995 Presidential Address
The 1995 Moyer Award
The 1995 Lindberg Award
The 1995 Clinical Research Award
Early Assessment of Pediatric Burn Wounds By Laser Doppler Flowmetry
Burn Depth Estimation By Use of Indocyanine Green Fluorescence: Initial Human Trial
Planimetry Study of the Percent of Body Surface Represented by the Hand and Palm: Sizing Irregular Burns Is More Accurately Done With the Palm
Effective Postoperative Protection for Grafted Posterior Surfaces: The Quilted Dressing
Hemodynamic Effects of Delayed Initiation of Antioxidant Therapy (Beginning Two Hours After Burn) in Extensive Third-Degree Burns
Comparison of Hemodynamic Changes Resulting From Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin-1-Producing Statphylococcus aureus Sepsis and Endotoxin-Producing Gram-Negative Rod Sepsis in Patients With Severe Burns
Burn Injury Results in Decreased Gastric Acid Production in the Acute Shock Period
Histologic Comparison of Cultured Epithelial Autograft and Meshed Expanded Split-thickness Skin Graft
Early Use of Pressure Masks to Avoid Facial Contracture During the Pregrafting Phase
Preexpansion of Free Flap Donor Sites Used in Reconstruction after Burn Injury
Endotracheal Tube Tip Position in an Infant With Severe Burns
Cumulative Author Index, Volume 16