ABA Newsletter
THE 1996 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS : Burns of the World
THE 1996 EVERETT IDRIS EVANS MEMORIAL LECTURE : The Cost of Burns and the Relevance of Prevention
THE 1996 MOYER AWARD : Effects of Endotoxin on the Th1/Th2 Response in Humans
THE 1996 LINDBERG AWARD : Calcium Antagonists Alter Cell Shape and Induce Procollagenase Synthesis in Keloid and Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts
THE 1996 CLINICAL RESEARCH AWARD : Use of a Pneumatonometer in Burn Scar Assessment
Burn-associated Bone Disease in Sheep: Roles of Immobilization and Endogenous Corticosteroids
Growth Peptide Release From Biologic Dressings: A Comparison
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Experimental Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rats
Alcohol, Drug Intoxication, or Both at the Time of Burn Injury as a Predictor of Complications and Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Burns
Simulated Biologic Intelligence Used to Predict Length of Stay and Survival of Burns
Competence and Physical Impairment of Pediatric Survivors of Burns of More Than 80% Total Body Surface Area
Inhalation Injury Severity Scoring System A Quantitative Method
Early Debridement of Second-Degree Burn Wounds Enhances the Rate of Epithelization—An Animal Model to Evaluate Burn Wound Therapies
Long Thoracic Nerve Injury Due to an Electric Burn
A Reliable and Cost-Effective In Vitro Assay of Skin Viability for Skin Banks and Burn Centers
Cumulative Author Index, Volume 17