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Postburn Edema and Related Changes in Interleukin-2, Leukocytes, Platelet Activation, Endothelin-1, and C1esterase Inhibitor
Biomechanical Alterations in Normal Skin and Hypertrophic Scar after Thermal Injury
A Comparison of Two Different 2400 mOsm Solutions for Resuscitation of Major Burns
Wide Variation in Single, Daily-Dose Aminoglycoside Pharmacokinetics in Patients with Burn Injuries
Primary Closure of Fasciotomy Incisions with a Skin-Stretching Device in Patients with Burn and Trauma
A Conservative Thermal Injury Treatment Protocol for the Appropriate Jehovah's Witness Candidate
Once-Daily Wound Cleansing and Dressing Change: Efficacy and Cost
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in the Treatment of Acalculus Cholecystitis in Patients after Thermal Injury
The Use of a Permanent Dermal Allograft in Full-Thickness Burns of the Hand and Foot: A Report of Three Cases
Ultrasonic Imaging as an Adjunct to Femoral Venous Catheterization in Children
A New Tool to Measure Pressure Under Burn Garments
Head/Face/Neck Burns: Therapist Considerations for the Pediatric Patient
The Current Status of the NATIONAL TBACS®/ABA Burn Registry
Energy and Protein Provisions for Thermally Injured Children Revisited: An Outcome-Based Approach for Determining Requirements
Aspects of Sexuality After Burn Injury: Outcomes in Men