12th Annual ABA Burn Prevention Poster Contest to Be Held at the 30th Annual Meeting
THE 1997 MOYER AWARD Cytokine Production in Patients with Hypertrophic Burn Scars
THE 1997 LINDBERG AWARD Effects of Burn Injury on Bone and Growth in a Mouse Model
THE 1997 CLINICAL RESEARCH AWARD Health Outcome for Burn Survivors
Acellular Allogenic Dermis Does Not Hinder Initial Engraftment in Burn Wound Resurfacing and Reconstruction
Comparison of Pain Control Medication in Three Age Groups of Elderly Patients
Thermal Injury Functionally Alters Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages : A Study of Monocyte-Hepatocyte Interactions
Plasma Catalase and Glutathione Levels Are Decreased in Response to Inhalation Injury
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis : An Analysis of Referral Patterns and Steroid Usage
Pathogenesis of Fever in a Rat Burn Model : The Role of Cytokines and Lipopolysaccharide
Lung Compliance, Airway Resistance, and Work of Breathing in Children After Inhalation Injury
Acellular Human Dermis Promotes Cultured Keratinocyte Engraftment
Cultured Allogeneic Keratinocyte Sheets Accelerate Healing Compared to Op-Site Treatment of Donor Sites in Burns
Hyaluronic Acid Delays or Impedes Reepithelialization?
Cumulative Author Index, Volume 18